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EPSO and non-EPSO competitions news for April 2024.

Welcome to EU Training's monthly EPSO rundown, where we bring you the latest news in the world of EU careers all in one place, summarised.

You may have heard that there is a Committee of the Regions' internal competition and applications just closed. There's also the countdown to the next CAST CBT, EPSO reopening applications for the Economist and Crisis management, Migration and internal security competitions at the end of this month, and Transport and Nuclear Energy competition candidates eagerly await news about when testing will begin. Also, the EP Language Test did not go as planned - retesting will happen soon!

EPSO finally published the Reserve Lists for EPSO/AST/151/22 - Assistants (AST4) in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Congratulations to all the successful laureates!

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What we know so far from EPSO's announcement, is that the new testing date is planned for 14 June 2024. More information will be divulged in a couple of weeks hopefully. Here's how to prepare >>>


See the full Master the EPSO/CAST CBT Training Sessions schedule here.

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Administrators in the field of Transport

  • EPSO/AD/410/23 | AD7
  • Application deadline has passed, now we wait for news about test dates from EPSO


All the practice you need in one package:

  • CBT practice tests
  • Transport MCQ practice tests
  • Written Test Simulation

Master the EPSO CBT - the training session schedule



Administrators in the field of Nuclear Energy

  • EPSO/AD/411/23 | AD7
  • Applications closed on 23 April, and now we hope to get news of test dates soon.


One convenient package for all of your preparation needs. (CBT practice tests, Field-Related MCQ practice tests and Written Test Simulations):

Master the EPSO CBT - fthis is the schedule for CBT training sessions.

Written Test simulations (related to the field) - COMING SOON!



European Parliament Open Competitions

>>>  PE/AD/299/2023/TRAD | Intercultural and Language Professionals

  • Grade AD5
  • Pre-selection MCQ happened on 25 April 2024
  • Due to technical issues retesting will happen on 21 May 2024


>>>  PE/AD/300/2024 | Administrators of Austrian nationality | AD6

  • 30 places on the reserve list
  • Applications closed

>>>  PE/AD/301/2024 | Administrators of Dutch nationality | AD6

  • 90 places on the reserve list
  • Applications closed

>>> PE/AD/304/2024 | Administrators of Luxembourgish Nationality | AD6

  • 10 places on the reserve list
  • Applications open! The deadline is 24 May 2024 at noon, Brussels time.


  • Pre-selection MCQ in the language specified in the NoC | 40 questions assessing 4 areas of knowledge: knowledge of the European Union, knowledge of the European Parliament, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.
  • Drafting test in the language specified in the NoC | 120 Minutes  | 50 points | pass mark 25 points
  • Interview | 60 minutes | testing Parliament's core competencies



European Committee of the Regions Internal Competition

CoR, in cooperation with EPSO, released an internal competition. Applications have already closed, that means eligibility checks and testing phases are next. Here are the different grades and number of succesful candidates sought for each:

  • AST/SC 1 | CDR/INT/03/AST-SC1/24 | 4 succesful candidates
  • AST 1 | CDR/INT/03/AST1/24 | 18 succesful candidates
  • AST 3 | CDR/INT/03/AST3/24 | 8 successful candidates
  • AD 5 | CDR/INT/03/AD5/24 | 25 successful candidates
  • AD 7 | CDR/INT/03/AD7/24 | 15 successful candidates


>>>  TESTS


  • Pre-recorded CBI - 16 min. 
  • SCBI - 35 min.

AST 1 | AST 3 | AD 5 |  AD 7 

  • Written test - documents released in advance, exam: 40 min.
  • Pre-recorded Competency-Based Interview - 16 min.
  • Situational Competency Based Interview - 35 min



European Commission Internal Competitions

COM/AST3/2024 - The EU Knowledge Test will be held in June.




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