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Sources used to create the EPSO field-related MCQ practice test questions in EU Training's database.

EPSO/AD/411/23 | Field-Related MCQ Resources 

The objective of EU Training’s practice questions is to enhance your preparation for the EPSO field-related MCQ for the Nuclear inspectors and Policy officers competition. The questions cover a wide array of topics in both profiles and also follow the information found in EPSO's Notice of Competition.

Nuclear safeguards inspectors

The multiple-choice questions focus on different aspects of the inspection of nuclear facilities related to nuclear safeguards: inspection and surveillance of nuclear facilities for nuclear proliferation.

The questionnaire is complemented with aspects of inspections by the regulatory authority in regards to nuclear safety, and inspections by the operator of nuclear facilities. Questions aim to cover the most relevant aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, which are uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing plants, nuclear power plants, nuclear material ores and storage sites, and nuclear facilities decommissioning and final disposal of radioactive materials. Research reactors and nuclear fusion technology were considered as well, together with other uses of nuclear materials. Although the approach is focused on the nuclear industry in general, specific references to European Union cases are considered.


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  25. Sample Analysis at the IAEA’s Labs | IAEA
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  28. Tools for Nuclear Inspection | IAEA


Policy officers in the area of nuclear energy

The multiple-choice questions cover a wide range of topics pertaining to nuclear policy, including:

  • • history-related information (such as the years when relevant entities were created or when important agreements were concluded), 
    • explanatory details (what is the meaning of specific notions, concepts or entities),
    • content details (regarding the membership of specific entities, and the focus of certain programs),
    • policy process information, 
    • medical-related aspects, 
    • legal issues in nuclear energy,
    • international negotiations, and
    • economic and social aspects related to nuclear energy and industry.


  1. DG ENER - Nuclear energy
  2. Council - WPAO
  3. European Parliament - Nuclear energy
  4. EU Science Hub
  5. European Nuclear Society
  6. International Atomic Energy Agency
  7. Nuclear Europe
  8. European Association of Competent Authorities (EACA)
  9. European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG)
  10. Western European Nuclear Regulators Association (WENRA)
  11. Resilience of the nuclear sector in Europe in the face of pandemic risks
  12. European Instrument for International Nuclear Safety Cooperation - Performance
  13. Fusion for Energy
  14. Group of experts on financial aspects of nuclear decommissioning and spent fuel and radioactive waste management (E03777)
  15. Zangger Committee
  16. EEAS - EU Statement on Cluster III (peaceful uses of nuclear energy)
  17. UN - Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
  18. European Supply Agency
  19. Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP)
  20. EU Database of radioactivity monitoring results (REMdb)
  21. CURIA - Judgment of the General Court in Case T-101/18 | Austria v Commission
  22. EUROSTAT - Nuclear energy statistics
  23. European Court of Auditors - Special Report 03/2020 – Nuclear safety in the EU, the Commission’s role
  25. EBRD - Nuclear Safety Account
  26. UNECE - Aarhus Convention
  27. Nuclear Transparency Watch
  28. CERN
  29. World Nuclear Association
  30. World Nuclear New
  31. National Library of Medicine
  32. Nuclear Medicine Europe
  33. OECD - Nuclear energy
  34. Arms Control Association
  35. UNODA
  36. Observer Research Foundation