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EU Training practice questions for the field-related MCQ were written by experts and these are some of the resources they used.

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EU Training’s practice questions aim to help you prepare by simulating the field-related MCQ on a platform similar to EPSO's and questions similar to what you may get on the field-related MCQ. The questions cover various topics related to this field and the information found in EPSO's Notice of Competition was used to create them.

EPSO/AD/410/23 | Administrators in the field of transport | AD7

The European transport policy aims to support connectivity and sustainable mobility, remove major barriers to the development of a single European transport area, improve social conditions and uphold passenger rights. The proposed questions cover the EU transport sector and are drafted to assess and expand the candidates’ knowledge in this field. In particular, the sample is structured to provide candidates with a general overview of EU regulations, strategies and policies governing the EU transport sector, from the Treaty of Rome and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to the latest measures taken to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the “Green Lanes” initiative, and the Russian war against Ukraine, such as the “Solidarity Lanes” plan.

Among the horizontal aspects, a major focus was given to the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and the “Fit-for-55” package, which aim to achieve the green and digital transformation of the transport system while ensuring that EU policies are in line with the climate goals agreed by the Council and the European Parliament. They cover the implementation of the European Green Deal in transport, which aims to reduce transport emissions throughout the transition to alternative fuels for mobility, and the Clean Vehicles Directive, which promotes clean mobility solutions in public procurement tenders. Other topics falling within the proposed questions include infrastructure planning, security and safety, passenger rights, Contingency Plans for transport and Military Mobility.

The questionnaire also takes into account the different transport modes regulated at the European level, i.e. air, rail, road, maritime, and inland waterways modes, providing the candidates with an insight into the different EU strategies, regulations and policies for each specific mode, as well as the main European agencies and international organisations responsible for transport control and management.


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