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EU Training’s library of webinars covers EU institution selection exams methodology, EU careers recruitment, as well as any live events when relevant. These webinars offer a great way to learn all about the different tests required for EPSO and non-EPSO competitions. The information presented by experts will help enhance your preparation, improve your time management and increase your overall chances of success. So what’s the difference between a ‘Live Webinar’ and a ‘Webinar Recording’? Scroll down to find out more.


2024 EPSO AST3 Finance | New Competition Webcast

Trainer: András Baneth

31 Jul Free

How to Best Prepare for the EU Knowledge Test

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €145
Recording €99

EPSO Case Study Exam Insights | 2023 (Written Test)

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €99

EPSO AD5 Generalist 2023 Exam | How to Succeed

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €25

Pro Tips For The EPSO Verbal Reasoning Test

Trainer: Megan Byrt

Recording €99

Pro Tips For The EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test

Trainer: Ben Williams

Recording €99

Pro Tips For The EPSO Abstract Reasoning Test

Trainer: Ben Williams

Recording €99

Maths Refresher For Numerical Reasoning

Trainer: Chris Suddick

Recording €59
Recording Free
Recording Free
Recording Free

EPSO Case Study Exam Insights | 2019

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €99
Recording €59

E-Tray Exam Insights

Trainer: Ben Williams

Recording €59

Group Exercise Insights

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €59

How To Get An EU Job From The Reserve List

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €59
Recording €59

CV & Cover Letter Clinic With Q&A

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording Free
Recording Free
Recording Free
Recording Free
Recording Free
Recording €59

EPSO Motivational Interview Insights

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €59

Mastering EPSO's Oral Presentation

Trainer: András Baneth

Recording €99
Recording Free
Recording Free
Recording €59

Pro Tips for the Situational Judgement Test

Trainer: Ben Williams

Recording €59
Recording Free

What Is The Difference Between A Live Webinar And A Webinar Recording?

Live webinars are an interactive live sessions with lots of examples, practical tips to help enhance your EPSO exam performance and Q&A blocks to ask all your pressing questions. Simply signing up for a live event, log on to take part and get access to the presentation’s recording afterwards so you can consult it at any point during your preparation. Don’t see an upcoming live event? Easy! Just purchase a webinar recording of an earlier event to gain immediate access to all the vital information presented during a previous live session. Naturally, the only difference being, you won’t be able to vote during exercise slots or ask your own questions.

Live Info Webcasts are always held shortly after a new EPSO competition is released and are always free, just click on 'Get' next to the listing. These webcasts help guide you through the Notice of Competition and help you understand the EPSO selection process, the various tests and how to best prepare for your EPSO exams. Recordings of the live webcasts will be made available directly through your EU Training account, but are also available here in the EU Training Webcast Library, free for anyone to view.

Our Webinars Cover

  • 60-120 minutes of detailed methodology with lot of practice exercises
  • Must know facts about the various EPSO tests
  • Typical traps
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Terminology, layout and other crucial points to note
  • Time management and tips to maximising your scores

Technical Details

  • Available on any internet-connected device in the world
  • Accessible directly through the MY WEBINARS section of your EU Training dashboard
  • Make sure the browser you use is updated to the latest version
  • Voice via computer speakers or headset
  • Preferably cable or fast internet connection
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Practice / Exam mode
  • Realistic Simulations
  • 24 Hour Support

Malene was friendly, spoke clearly and slowly to make sure we all understood, and replied to all our questions Yes,I would recommend the SCBI Workshop becasue I believe it was very helpful especially if one does not have any previous experience.

SCBI Workshop with Malene Bresson | 23 February 2024

Antonio from Belgium

"Very useful tips and things to take into account when preparing for the exam. Very clear explanations from the trainer and good to (hopefully) relduce some stress before the actual exam."

Mastering the EU Commission's Internal Competition Oral Test | IN-PERSON Classroom Training | 26 May 2023

Marina from italy

"It gave a good backgound for preparation and practice before the exam. The trainer delved into details and was very attentive to each of our questions."

Master the EPSO Computer-Based Tests | 11 March 2023 | Full-day | Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning

Nino from Italy

I need some general information on the EPSO (EU Career) competitions.

Not sure how EPSO competitions work? Or what the difference is between and EPSO competition and CAST?

Check out the New To EU Exams section to get clarification on the EPSO selection procedures.

If you have specific questions or need free advice, please contact us directly any time!

What services do you offer on this website?

EU Training offers a huge variety of products and services to assist with your EPSO preparation.

Online EPSO exam practice

  • practice questions available for all types of EPSO competitions and CAST
  • simulates the real EPSO test-taking conditions

EPSO Case Study Simulations

  • simulates this EPSO test, including the strict time limits
  • Evaluation available (in English and French ONLY) - get direct feedback from an expert
  • 19 Case studies available in English
  • 5 case studies available in French
  • 1 case study each available in German, Spanish and Italian (no evaluation available for these).

EPSO Classroom Training Sessions

Our classes are held by professional trainers who are EPSO experts. Focused heavily on the practical side of the EPSO exams, these training sessions are designed to enhance a candidate’s confidence by simulating EPSO test conditions before the real thing. EU Training not only offers classes tailored to the various EPSO competitions but also provides EPSO Computer-Based Test training for CAST and all EPSO competitions.

Personal coaching sessions

We help EPSO candidates improve their performance on their exams through one-on-one personal coaching services. Reasoning Skills, EU Career Interviews (was EPSO Assessment Centre) and Middle Management coaching sessions are available via Skype or in-person in Brussels (face-to-face). Candidates will receive focused attention and tailored guidance from expert instructors to prepare for any stage of the EPSO selection process, and boost their EPSO exam performance. Application Assistance services are also offered when applying for a new EPSO competition.


EU Training holds many LIVE methodology webinar sessions hosted by EPSO experts and offers a vast library of webinar recordings to help you through every stage of the EPSO selection process, including:

  • the EPSO Computer-Based Tests
  • the EPSO Case Study
  • EPSO interviews
  • ... and even how to get an EU job once you're on the Reserve List.

Free EPSO Info Webcasts

When EPSO releases a new Notice of Competition we help break it down by highlighting the most important details:

  • the application process
  • eligibility requirements
  • best preparation methods for EPSO competitions.

This is a great way to get access to vital information to help you excel in your upcoming EPSO competition and achieve your EU career dreams. EU Training webcasts are always free and the recordings are available to view with or without an EU Training account.


We are constantly expanding our eBook collection to offer valuable reading materials that delve deep into key EPSO exams topics. Download all our eBooks for free.

E-learning materials

We keep you posted about the latest EPSO news and developments, and offer valuable advice with our Tips & Tricks articles to tackle tricky EPSO topics, so you can use these insights to your advantage the next time you take an EPSO exam.

EU Jobs

Looking for an EU Job? Scan through our comprehensive list of currently available EU agencies jobs. Also, have all the latest EU employment opportunities sent straight to your inbox by subscribing to our EU JOBS newsletter to get updates every two weeks on upcoming EPSO competitions and job vacancies at EU Institutions.

EU Training Customer Support Team

Last, but definitely not least, our Customer Support is here to help with any website or EPSO related queries - and beyond! Never hesitate to contact us!

We hope you will utilise our ever expanding services and find them usefel, even vital, in your EPSO exam preparation.

How can I register on the EU Training website? Where is the registration form?

You can register on our website for free via the following link.

Once you register you will have access to a vast library of FREE content, such as many of our Webinars and e-books, and you will also be able to make purchases.

What forms of payment are accepted? Is payment safe?

Regarding payment, the system will offer you online credit card payment (immediate access), payment via PayPal (immediate access) or Virtual Euro Account (immediate access).

Online credit card payment: (immediate access)

Accepted cards:  Mastercard, Visa (please note that Visa Electron card is not always supported).

Credit card payment is real-time, the transaction is secured by a 128-bit SSL coded system, verified by the most trusted seal, Verisign and provided by the two leading payment providers, PayPal and Realex Payments.

Virtual Euro Account: (immediate access)

Sometimes we offer customers virtual euros as a form of compensation, reward or as a special deal. If you have been allocated virtual euros by us you can use that amount to pay for your next purchase, or pay for a part of it (if you don't have enough virtual euros on your account) and pay for the rest via the other methods.

For further information, please check our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or feel free to contact us anytime.

If I'm unable to join the live webinar or webcast on time, can I still join later?


With regard to our free EPSO info webcasts, or any live webinar products for purchase, you can join in or leave at any time. And if you can't attend the live event on the day, it's worth registering anyways because you will get access to the recording and all additional documents.

If you are having issues connecting to the live event, contact us immediately.

How many times can I use a question? And how many times can I revise a test?

Our questions have no expiration date, your question balance has no expiration date. You can compose new tests as long as you have new questions on your account, and you can revise previous tests without any time limitation.

We created a system that helps your EU exam preparation in the best possible way:

  • After you buy an exam preparation package, you can use these questions to create new tests in any composition and language you wish.
  • Once you launch a new test, the number of questions that you put in there will be deducted from your account and you can use each question once, similarly to a test book where you mark your answer options.
  • However, as a special gift to our customers, we created a system where you can re-take any of your previously composed tests as many times as you like (you can do this by finding the test you wish to re-take via the Practice Activity block of your Dashboard).
  • You can monitor your progress via the Statistics block as well.
  • After submitting or re-taking a test, you can revise all your previous tests in Review mode which includes an option to turn off the 'Explanation' feature to further improve the revision experience.
  • Moreover, revision is not limited in any way. You may revise previous tests and questions for an unlimited period and for an unlimited number of times.

How do I buy test questions in the language I want to practice in?

When buying question packages, you are buying a quota of questions from our database and not specific questions. This means that in the Start New Test block you can choose which language(s) you want to do your practice tests in. You do not pick this up at the time of purchase.

TIP: make sure you click on the little (i) in the table on the Products tab to see how many questions we have in a particular language per test so you don’t over-purchase.