Customized training for future eu officials

Wish to have more of your citizens, students or clients pass the EPSO competition to become EU officials?

We offer unique customized workshops for public administration, academic, and corporate partners. Increase your group’s chances of making it through Pre-Selection, the Assessment Centre and finally, onto the Reserve List to become EU officials.

What we offer

Personalized workshops to individual candidates and groups

  • Tailored personal coaching for each EPSO candidate
  • Coordination of small group training sessions for each phase of the competition

Large group training sessions (one-time or series) tailored to your needs

  • Pre-Selection & Computer-Based Tests
  • General Assessment Centre introduction and information session
  • Competition-specific EPSO Assessment Centre simulations and workshops

The best EPSO coaches in Europe at your service

  • On average our trainers have over 7 years of experience with EPSO processes
  • Our team of trainers includes trained psychologists, HR specialists and former EPSO Selection Board members. 
  • Continuous peer-to-peer observation, actionable feedback and a close watch on EPSO developments ensures up-to-date and professional EPSO coaching
  • A mix of theory, methodology and realistic simulations.

Online or in-person

  • All of this can be tailored to you and your candidates’ needs.
  • We can accommodate and incorporate your preferred platforms for online sessions
  • We can also host the online sessions with our trusted platforms
  • In-person sessions are also available anywhere in Europe

Client feedback

The Swedish Council for Higher Education has been using the services of EU Training since January 2022. 

Coaching and training support from EU Training has been appreciated by numerous applicants from Sweden and has helped many to succeed with getting good results in tests and exercises as well as to come in to reserve lists. 

Wide range of training tools, highly qualified coaches and up-to-date information about EU selection process guarantee success for every motivated candidate.

Professional team of EU Training is always at our service and is very flexible at meeting our needs and the needs of our candidates. 

Great communication and support during the whole process. Highly recommend EU Training to get one step closer to your EU Career!

- Asia Riazantceva
EU recruitment coordinator 


TAO-The Independents, an official trade union of the European Commission has been working satisfactorily with EU-Training for a number of years now at the EU Commission, organising on regular basis training sessions with positive feedback from participants. 

TAO is a proud partner of EU-Training with whom we have signed an Agreement of exclusivity for the European Commission. 

We are certain that there are solid foundations for a long & fruitful cooperation for the staff members of our institution.

For more information about TAO, visit our website:

TAO-The Independents

We have collaborated with EU Training to organize guidance and training activities for EPSO candidates. The results have always been satisfactory both on our part and by those who have participated in them.

Unidad de Apoyo para la presencía de españoles en las Instituciones UE, Representación Permanente de España ante la UE



Client success story 1

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of an EU member state contacted us to help more of their citizens pass the EPSO competitions. 

As part of a multi-year framework contract, we have offered several dozen in-person and online workshops to groups ranging from 5 to 40 participants covering topics such as abstract, verbal and numerical reasoning tests, Assessment Center preparation (case study, competency-based interview, interview in the field etc.). 

We also held regular information sessions on the EPSO process and answered candidate questions about the talent screener. 

As a result, the ratio of successful applicants from this country has significantly increased in the following years.

Client success story 2:

A public training academy requested an EPSO module from us to train their students about the EU career system and offer workshops on certain elements of the selection exams. 

We offered various in-person workshops at their venue in an EU member state to a group of 80 students split into groups based on their topics of interest. 

The client and the students were very satisfied with the quality of the workshops and the cooperation continues.