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Our Gift To You - To Make Your Lockdown Less Stressful and More Bearable

The current climate is not easy for anyone by any means, so we've devised some helpful initiatives to (hopefully) make your lockdown a little less stressful and a bit more bearable.

The fantastic thing is - THESE ARE ALL FREE - so you won't be out of pocket during such uncertain times. 

In addition to our new initiatives, don't forget that the EU Training website is already chock-full of free resources which we have also listed below so you can link to them conveniently.


#1 - FREE Question Package now available!

We greatly value your loyalty and would like to extend a special gift to everyone with an existing EU Training account.

To ensure that the current crisis doesn't hinder your exam practice and preparation, we've created a FREE question package that you can add to your existing EU Training account between now and 30 April 2020. This package contains:

  • 50 Verbal Reasoning Test questions
  • 50 Numerical Reasoning Test questions 
  • 50 Abstract Reasoning Test questions

If you have an existing EU Training account (meaning you've registered with EU Training BEFORE 31 March) you can get this gift by:

  • logging into your EU Training account,
  • clicking on "Products" in the top menu bar,
  • selecting "Fee Package" from the grey dropdown menu under the "Question Packages" tab,
  • finally clicking on the "Add to cart" button.

These free questions will then be added automatically to your account. HAPPY DAYS! smiley


#2 - FREE Webinars ONLY in April

If you are socially distancing at home and looking for something to do, this is the perfect time to watch some super helpful and practical webinars.

That's why we've extended our free webinar options during April to also include:

But these will only be available for FREE in April - come May 1 and this opportunity will be gone! 

So snap up your access to these quickly while the offer lasts.


#3 - LIVE online Workshops to join this April

We have scheduled a great set of online workshops to help you get your mind off the current lockdown.

Every week this month we will bring you a different EPSO or EU recruitment topic to discuss with our resident EU careers expert - Mr. András Baneth.

Each session is totally FREE and super easy to join.

Register for each session by following the links below and take part in the live session via your private EU Training account's Practice Centre.

FREE recording of this session is now available

FREE recording of this session is now available

FREE recording of this session is now available

FREE recording of this session is now available

FREE recording of this session is now available


Also, don't forget about...

1. Our extensive library of methodology webinars - many free options

Not understanding EPSO exam methodology is a big mistake many EPSO candidates make.

By understanding the methodology behind each EPSO test, you gain so many advantageous insights and strategies of how to optimally take these tests. Without it, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to excel.

While some of our methodology webinars can only be accessed for a fee, there is a whole series of FREE ‘Beginner’s Guide’ webinars that cover a wide range of topics. Also, our FREE 'Introduction To The EPSO Assessment Centre' webinar gives a great overview of the different tests you can expect to encounter at an EPSO Assessment Centre. 

FREE Beginner’s Guide webinars:

Pro Tips webinars:

EPSO Assessment Centre preparation webinars

Career Development webinars

2. Information Webcasts

When major EPSO competitions are released, EU Training likes to hold free information webcasts to help candidates get up to speed with all the requirements.

The aim of these sessions is to:

  • simplify all the cumbersome information presented in the official Notice of Competition,
  • highlight any changes that may have occurred from the previous year’s competition, and
  • offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions from our EPSO expert during the live session.

In addition to this, we like to regularly hold Q&A sessions on timely topics, where participants can ask relevant questions from our EPSO experts. These interactive sessions offer unique insights into the various selection processes, as well as, different stages of a competition. 

The recordings of these sessions and their transcripts are available to view any time here.


3. Lots of E-books

Check out our library of free e-books to find valuable reading materials that delve deep into key EPSO topics. You can download all of these for free, as well as, a Reader's Guide for the Ultimate EU Test Book!


4. Mini EU Courses

Are you looking for some additional information to get up to speed about the EU Treaties, the workings of the EU Commission and a whole lot more?

These 5 free e-learning courses on EU institutions and policies are ideal for acquiring some extra EU knowledge for the EPSO Assessment Centre. (Please be mindful of the fact that these may be a little outdated, but still a good resource to check out).


5. Tips & Tricks blog

We are constantly adding to our collection of insightful Tips & Tricks articles, covering any topic imaginable concerning the EPSO selection processes and exams. Examples include: 

Use the insights gained via these articles to your advantage during your EPSO exam preparation.


6. Connect with EPSO candidates via online communities and forums

Look for online communities to engage with that focus on EPSO competitions.

These platforms offer the opportunity to meet other EPSO candidates, are great sources for news/updates and are fantastic for sharing experiences and having open discussions on trending topics.

Some popular EPSO related Facebook Pages/Groups that you may be interested in checking out are: 

The groups listed above are the bigger ones, but it is also worth doing a search for smaller groups dedicated to specific competitions, such as:

Also, don't forget about EU Training’s EPSO Competitions Forum.