New Verbal Reasoning Questions Added In Multiple Languages

In addition to systematically updating and improving on the quality of the existing questions in our database, we have recently added a bunch of new questions in multiple languages.

Here is a list of what we’ve added so far:

  • 30 English verbal reasoning questions
  • 80 French verbal reasoning questions
  • 100 Spanish verbal reasoning questions
  • 100 Italian verbal reasoning questions
  • 100 Greek verbal reasoning questions
  • 100 Romanian verbal reasoning questions
  • 60 Hungarian verbal reasoning questions
  • 50 Polish verbal reasoning questions
  • 50 Bulgarian verbal reasoning questions
  • 30 Croatian verbal reasoning questions
  • 15 English language comprehension questions

We are focused on continuously expanding the question pool available in our database and hope that these new additions will be to the delight of our existing and new customers.

Best of luck with your EPSO preparation!


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