13 Best EPSO Preparation Resources - Free and Paid

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Are you ready for your EPSO exams?

Want to get your hands on the best resources to gain the highest possible EPSO competition exam score? Look no further!

The EPSO selection process is not easy to navigate, but the more knowledge and practice you have up your sleeves, the better your chances of reaching your dream EPSO exam score. To help you with this mission, we have compiled a list of resources you should consult on your EU Career journey.


  1. EPSO Notice of Competition (free)

Always start with the official source. Each EPSO competition’s Notice of Competition should be your key point of reference. This is where everything you need to know about your specific competition will be stated. Study this document very carefully so you know, with full confidence, what test types you will need to prepare for, how many questions will be asked in each test and what the time limits will be. It will clearly outline the various stages that you will have to complete to get onto the Reserve List, what qualifications and work experience are needed, language requirements, how many successful candidates are being sought and a whole lot more. In short, it is your EPSO competition’s manual. Once you know all the details of your EPSO competition, it is time to familiarise yourself with what each test will look like and create a preparation schedule.

  1. Webcasts (free)

Every time a major EPSO competition is released, EU Training holds a free information webcast to help candidates get up to speed with all the requirements. These sessions aim to simplify all the cumbersome information presented in the official Notice of Competition, highlight any changes that may have occurred within the selection process, and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions from our EPSO expert during the live session. The recordings of these sessions and their transcripts are available to view any time here.

  1. EPSO’s Sample Questions (free)

To get an idea of what each EPSO test will look like, check out EPSO’s sample test questions. While there is only a limited amount of sample questions on offer, and certainly not enough for extensive preparation, they do give a good insight into what each test will be like and what you can expect.

  1. The Ultimate EU Test Book (paid)

The Ultimate EU Test Book comes highly recommended by many EPSO candidates and is a popular paper resource for those who prefer to study offline. This book is updated regularly and the 2024 edition will be available for purchase soon!

  1.  EU Training Trial Test Packages & Demo Tests (free)

While EU Training has a huge database of over 25,000 EPSO-style exam questions on offer through its practice packages, did you know that some of these are free?

Before purchasing a practice package, look for your EPSO competition profile under the ‘Practice Questions' tab. Most profiles have a FREE package available under the table detailing prices. You can 'Get' yours once you’re registered. How good is that?!

You’ve probably already checked out EPSO’s sample questions, but make sure you also check out our Free Demo Test. You'll be able to sample all the different types of EPSO tests available here on the EU Training platform.

  1.  EU Training Test Packages with Progress Statistics (paid)

Ready to start practicing seriously for your upcoming EPSO competition? You’ve come to the right place. For 15 years now EU Training has helped thousands of participants prepare for the EPSO exams. Those who are successful tend to follow a simple rule: the most prepared candidates succeed and their success is attributed to consistent and regular practice. This is where EU Training can help - we offer you access to a huge database of practice questions, some available in 24 languages, and resources for every stage of your EPSO competition.

Those who make the effort to train their brain for the tasks required enter the exams feeling more relaxed, confident and prepared. Avoid surprises on the actual exam day by training with practice tests that have been developed to simulate the EPSO exams in design, difficulty level and style. You have the choice to prepare in ‘practice mode’ (each question is accompanied by a detailed explanation) or ‘exam mode’ (realistic test conditions with strict time limits). And to top things off, our powerful analytics monitors your practice history and compares your results with others, so you can highlight areas of weakness and improve.

What about the EPSO Case Study? There are updated EPSO-style Case Study simulations available to practice the with the current EPSO case study format (Editor's note: updated in 2023). To further improve and get even better results on your exams, send your completed case study response off for evaluation. Our EPSO experts will review it, score it and give valuable feedback. 

  1. Methodology Webinars (free or paid)

Not taking the time to understand EPSO exam methodology is a big mistake many EPSO candidates make. By understanding the methodology behind each EPSO test, you gain many advantageous insights and strategies on how to optimise your preparation and get the highest scores on the EPSO tests. Without it, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to excel. While some of the EPSO methodology webinars on offer can only be accessed for a fee, there are FREE ‘Beginner’s Guide’ webinars that cover Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning.

  1. Classroom Training Sessions and Personal Coaching Sessions (paid)

If you are looking for a personally tailored consultation session or a learning environment where you can engage with an EPSO expert to tackle specific areas of weakness and improve, then these options designed for you.

  • EU Training's interactive, online training sessions are held regularly and are a great way to simulate the exam environment, but offer the opportunity to ask questions directly from our expert trainers. 
  • Personal coaching sessions can take place face-to-face in Brussels or online. These coaching sessions are also tailored to your specific EU career needs and can focus on the areas that you need the most help with.

If you are at the very start of your EU career and need assistance to polish your CV or application, our experts can help you via the Application Assistance service. 

  1. E-books (free)

Check out our library of free e-books to find valuable reading materials that delve deep into key EPSO topics. You can download all of these for free, as well as a Reader's Guide for the Ultimate EU Test Book!

  1. Tips & Tricks Articles (free)

We are constantly adding to our collection of insightful EPSO Competitions Tips & Tricks articles, covering any topic imaginable concerning the EPSO selection process and exams.

Use the insights gained from these short articles to your advantage during your EPSO exam preparation.

  1. EPSO Online Communities and Forums (free)

Besides the very active EPSO competitions forum here on EU Training, it is a great idea to look for online communities to engage with that focus on EPSO competitions. These platforms offer the opportunity to engage with other EPSO candidates, are great sources of news/updates and are fantastic for sharing experiences and to have open discussions on trending topics. Some online communities that you may be interested in checking out are: 

The groups listed here are the bigger ones but it is also worth doing a search on Facebook for groups dedicated to specific EPSO competitions as well.

  1. EU Jobs Listing & Newsletters (free)

In addition to our comprehensive EU Jobs listing, you can choose to have all the latest EPSO news and developments sent straight to your inbox. EU Training has three informative newsletters that you can subscribe to:

  • EU Jobs: get bi-weekly updates on upcoming EPSO competitions and job vacancies at EU Institutions.
  • EPSO Updates & Insights: get the latest news, EPSO competition updates and helpful tips and tricks sent to you monthly.
  • Upcoming Webinars & Training Sessions: get notifications on scheduled live webinars and training sessions presented by EPSO experts.

You can sign up for these newsletters when you register for an EU Training account or once you have logged in through your dashboard. 

  1. EU Training’s Customer Support

Start with the EU Training FAQ page, there are many answers to be found - and it may be the one you are looking for. If you still have a question or need additional help please do not hesitate to contact us directly


If you are new to the EPSO selection process we recommend that you first get familiar with it by reading the New to EU Exams section here.

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