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EPSO Secretaries/Clerks Competition Coming This Spring

Great news for those waiting for a Secretaries/Clerks competition to be announced. The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) will be releasing a Secretaries/Clerks competition very soon.

It has been quite a while since an opportunity has come up to take part in a selection process for such a profile - the last competition of this nature took place in 2017.

Specific dates have not been stated yet, but we can expect this competition to kick-off sometime in Spring 2020.

At this stage, many details are not yet known, but it seems reserve lists will be drawn up for two grades - AST/SC 1 and AST/SC 2.

Additionally, those candidates that successfully make it onto one of these reserve lists can expect to fill roles based in either Brussels or Luxembourg.


What to do while you wait...

1. Ensure you get the latest updates and notifications

Benefit from helpful hints, advice and competition updates. Join the conversation and get connected with other candidates via the EPSO AST and SC Exams Facebook group

2. Watch this space

Follow us on Facebook - Online EU Exams and EPSO-style preparation tests where we share all the latest EPSO competition developments and upcoming events. Once this competition's release date is announced, EU Training will host a FREE information webcast that will investigate the specifics of this competition - so watch this space!

3. Use this time to your advantage

As is usually the case with the Secretaries/Clerks competition, an exam round is expected to take place at the start of the competition. This is a preliminary testing round used to eliminate a number of candidates right at the beginning, so you might as well use this additional time to refresh your skills in the relevant areas.

This exam round generally comprises of a Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Basic IT Literacy, and Organising & Prioritising test. 

Luckily for you, we have a whole suite of EPSO preparation resources available for you to get ready for these tests.

STEP 1: Watch these FREE "Beginner's Guide" webinars

STEP 2: Gain more insights by working through a number of exercises with an expert

STEP 3: Join one of our upcoming "Master The EPSO Computer-Based Tests" sessions

At our training center in Brussels, EU Training regularly holds training sessions that focus on helping candidates improve their EPSO computer-based test performance. Our next training session is scheduled for 24 March, with more dates to be announced soon for April.

STEP 4: Start to regularly do practice tests

Regular and consistent practice over an extended period of time is the key to improving your proficiency in these tests. It takes time to become familiar with the different types of questions that can be posed per test type, and more importantly, to become fast at completing them. This doesn't happen overnight, so use this extra time to your advantage. Practice packages for the Secretaries/Clerks competition are available here


Are you new to EPSO Competitions? 

EU Training offers a wealth of practice materials for all stages and levels of the EU institutions’ selection exams.

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If you have a question or need additional help in understanding the EPSO processes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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