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EPSO Exams Preparation for January 2024: What's happening with open competitions, upcoming exam dates, internal competitions and more!

The last crumbs of poppyseed rolls have vanished, the final sips of glühwein are gone, and the deadlines for submitting applications have passed, signaling the dawn of a unique EPSO landscape without any competitions currently open for applications. Despite this temporary lull, there's still plenty of activity in the world of EPSO and internal competitions. 

For the Transport, Nuclear and Lawyer-linguist competitions there will be no EPSO activity (testing or announcements) before February 2024, so stay tuned for next month's Rundown news.

Let's take a look at what's happening:




Important dates >>>

  • Booking period for the CBT: 15-18 January 2024
  • Testing will take place on these days: 24-25 January 2024

Here's how to prepare >>>


What many candidates don't realise is that Verbal Reasoning goes beyond language comprehension and you need to train for it just as much as numerical and abstract reasoning. It involves a specific testing methodology applicable across languages. Learn these crucial tricks at Professor Thomas Williams' training session on 9 January to gain an edge and ensure success!

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EPSO/AD/401/22 - These candidates are seeing a lot of EPSO activity this month. From the three profiles, nearly 500 candidates are preparing for the EPSO CBT and Case Study. Here is the breakdown per profile, including what the pass score was:

  1. Administrators in the field of energy - 178 candidates | pass score 35
  2. Administrators in the field of climate - 150 candidates | pass score 28
  3. Administrators in the field of environment - 166 candidates | pass score 32

Important dates >>> 

  • Computer-based test (reasoning skills): 18 January 2024
  • Case study: 2 February 2024
  • Assessment Centre: mid-February 2024 - end of May 2024 (indicative)

How to prepare  >>>


What is the biggest mistake EPSO candidates make when preparing for the EPSO CBT? They overlook Verbal Reasoning thinking it's so easy! However, it's not just language comprehension; there's a crucial methodology to master. Join expert Thomas Williams for essential tips. Sign up now!

  • Verbal Reasoning | Tuesday, 9 January | 17:30-19:30
  • Numerical Reasoning | Wednesday, 10 January | 17:30-19:30​​
  • Abstract Reasoning | Thursday, 11 January | 17:30-19:30​​


Elevate your chances of success with eutraining.eu's crucial practice interview simulation. Uncover the essential skills needed, gain confidence, and secure your competitive advantage with our specialised training. Don't miss out on this key step towards achieving your EU career goals:

---> EPSO Case Study

  • When EPSO publishes the case study for this competition we will schedule workshops here.
  • Case Study Insights Webinars - Boost your written communication skills for success on the EPSO Case Study exam! Our concise 2023 webinar equips you with essential strategies to navigate the EPSO case study format effectively—ensuring you're well-prepared to excel in this crucial exam.

---> EPSO Situational Competency-Based Interview

  • When EPSO releases the assignment we will publish workshops here.
  • Understanding what this EPSO interview is all about is crucial to acing it. Jan De Sutter pieces together the SCBI puzzle in this free pdf download.



EPSO/AD/398/22 - AD7 / AD8 - The EPSO Assessment Centre is still in progress for these candidates. According to the EPSO website the AC is ongoing until mid-March 2024 (indicative).

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Elevate your EPSO exam readiness by simulating the field-related interview with us! Build confidence and master potential questions, ensuring you're fully prepared to shine on exam day.



Ace the European Commission's internal competitions by prioritising preparation for the crucial Oral Presentation and Interview. Elevate your chances of success by mastering these key components through focused and strategic training.

Here's how to prepare >>>

How to Succeed in the Commission Oral Test | Internal Competitions​​

Wednesday | 31 January | 17:00

Join this interactive, live webinar and seize this opportunity to ask all your questions from experts Andras Baneth and Susanne Lindahl.

Oral Test | 2-hour ONLINE simulations:


Join the EU Commission Internal Competition Exams Facebook group for the latest info, news, and useful tips from fellow candidates.


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