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Field-Related Interview Virtual Simulation Sessions - NOW AVAILABLE

To help candidates prepare for the EPSO/AD/380/19 – Administrators (AD7/AD9) in the field of International Cooperation and Managing Aid to Non-EU Countries competition's Assessment Centre, EU Training has added a NEW virtual training session to the mix focusing exclusively on the Field-Related Interview


  • EPSO Assessment Centre preparation focused on the Field-Related Interview
  • Practical tips on how to strategically prepare for the Field-Related Interview
  • 1.5 hours of Field-Related Interview simulation with debrief and feedback. Participants will be asked to answer a number of 'likely' interview questions
  • Session hosted by one of our EPSO experts

The following Field-Related Interview training sessions are now open for registrations: (more sessions will be added based on demand)

  • 20 May - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session)
  • 21 May - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session) 
  • 25 May - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session) 
  • 26 May - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session) 
  • 27 May - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session) 
  • 27 May - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session) 
  • 28 May - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session)
  • 1 June - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session) 
  • 2 June - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session)
  • 3 June - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session) 
  • 4 June - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session)
  • 9 June - starting at 12:30 pm (2-hour training session)


Some of these sessions will allow you to provide answers to the simulated Field-Related Interview questions in English or French - so make sure you read the training session's description carefully to ensure you register for the correct session.

The SCBI assignment pack for the DEVCO competition has not been released yet. Once it is EU Training will offer SCBI virtual training sessions tailored specifically to this competition.

If you would like to be notified when such training opportunities become available, please ask our Customer Support Member to add you to our SCBI waiting list (don't forget to let them know which EPSO competition you are participating in and the date of your interview if you already know it). Please also keep checking back to our website's Classroom Training page regularly >>>

Also, don't forget about our Virtual Competency-Based Interview (CBI) Simulation sessions - which are also highly relevant for candidates participating in the DEVCO competition. 


Quick Links:

What is a Field-Related Interview - EPSO Assessment Centre?

During the Field-Related Interview, EPSO assessors will want to get a clear and precise idea of what you are worth as a professional in your field. This is a type of interview used in "Specialist" EPSO competitions. To understand how the Field-Related Interview is assessed and get some helpful tips on how to effectively prepare for it, we recommend you watch this methodology webinar.

How to prepare for the EPSO Assessment Centre?

Depending on the EPSO competition that you are undertaking the exams you will need to undertake at an EPSO Assessment Centre may vary. The most popular types of tests used by EPSO at their Assessment Centre are - Case Study, Competency-Based Interview (CBI), Situational Competency-Based Interview (SCBI), Field-Related Interview, Oral Presentation, Motivational Interview, and the Written Test in the field. To see which exercises you will need to undertake at your EPSO Assessment Centre it is best to check your competition's official Notice of Competition. EU Training has a wealth of resources available for you to prepare effectively for this very important exam phase - case study simulations, methodology webinars, interview simulation sessions, and even personal one-on-one coaching. A good starting point, however, is to watch this FREE introductory webinar to the EPSO Assessment Centre.

What questions do EPSO assessors ask at the Field-Related Interview?

You will get roughly the same questions as the ones that were asked in the Talent Screener. A key objective of the Field-Related Interview is to validate the image you have presented of yourself as a professional in the field. Assessors will want to get a real view of your experience and skills, so expect to get more detailed questions and be asked to clarify areas of obscurity. Basically, whatever is mentioned in the "list of duties" in the competition's official Notice of Competition could be a potential question. Why not put yourself to the test and join one of our Filed-Related Interview Virtual Simulation sessions?.