EUT Website Update: EU Knowledge, Written Test and More...

EU Training

EU Training continually works on improving user-friendliness to make sure candidates get the best EU exams preparation experience possible.

The EU Training team is continually working on improving website users' EU exams preparation experience and on creating useful content to give candidates the most well-rounded preparation possible. Here are this month's website updates:

EU Knowledge Test Questions | Easy vs Hard

Our database categorises questions into easy, medium and hard difficult levels. And can you believe it? Our EU Knowledge database currently has over 1500 practice questions.

Good news for those studying for the AST3 Internal Competition: we've added a test profile for you. The percentage of 'easy' EU Knowledge questions is higher in this profile. Here's a step-by-step guide showing how to start practicing after you've purchased your questions.

  1. Once you've logged in to your EU Training account, navigate to your Dashboard.
  2. Wait for the 'START NEW TEST' section on the right to load.
  3. Then select 'Non-EPSO Competitions', as shown here:

  1. Next, select your profile: 
    • COM AST3 | EU Knowledge Test
  2. Then you can choose to start the test in 'Practice mode' or 'Exam mode'.
  3. If you are preparing for another type of competition, for example, the AD5 Generalist, then select Compose Custom Test, and add the EU Knowledge test questions manually. The system will then assign you a good mix of the three difficulty levels.

Case Study Written Test Simulations

The Written Test, formerly known as The Case Study, is EPSO's latest change to the selection process. What was once a case study is now a written test, and there are not one, but three types of written tests.

Currently, we have 3 general EPSO-style Written Test Simulations available to practice. These are not related to any specific field, but the topics are generally EU-related. The main factors making these EPSO-like are:

  • You can however practice with the 45-minute time limit in exam mode.
  • Just like for the real EPSO exam, you will have access to the documents ahead of time to familiarise yourself with the content before you start the test in exam mode.
  • If you decide to have your response evaluated, it will be assessed for Written Communication Skills only, just like the new EPSO Written Test (WT).

The non-EPSO Written Test Simulation is for internal competitions, or other open competitions not run by EPSO. The main differences from the EPSO Written Test are:

  • You can practice with the 120-minute time limit in exam mode
  • You will only get access to the documents once you start the exam
  • If you choose to have your response evaluated, these 4 competencies will be assessed: Communication (drafting skills), Delivering Quality & Results, and Prioritising and Organising, Analysis and Problem-Solving


New Look

We are slowly but surely updating some of the pages on our website with a more user-friendly design. A couple months ago the Dashboard was the first to get a facelift, but most recently two sections under Free Resources got a new look:


Other Updates