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Generalist (AD5)

  • Unlimited Revision
  • Practice / Exam mode
  • Realistic Simulations
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"It gave a good backgound for preparation and practice before the exam. The trainer delved into details and was very attentive to each of our questions."

Master the EPSO Computer-Based Tests | 11 MArch 2023 | Full-day session

Nino from Italy

"I strongly recommend this service. The trainers have high level of expertise and experience. I have received valuable tailored feedback and guidance, which give me solid foundation and confidence for the actual interview."

Interview Simulation | EC Internal Comp | 15 February 2023

with trainer from Ticiana Tucci

"The moderator (Ticiana Tucci) was experienced and very well informed on the assignment, she could give concrete and clear guidelines."

Situational Competency-Based Interview (SCBI) Workshop | 24 June 2022

Participant from Austria

I need some general information on the EPSO (EU Career) competitions.

Check out the New To EU Exams section of our website.
If you have specific questions or need free advice, please contact us directly any time!

How can I register on the EU Training website? Where is the registration form?

You can register on our website for free via the following link.
Once you register you will have access to our FREE packages and webinars!

What forms of payment are accepted? Is payment safe?

Regarding payment, the system will offer you online credit card payment (immediate access), payment via PayPal (immediate access) or Virtual Euro Account (immediate access).

Online credit card payment: (immediate access)

Accepted cards:  Mastercard, Visa (please note that Visa Electron card is not always supported).

Credit card payment is real-time, the transaction is secured by a 128-bit SSL coded system, verified by the most trusted seal, Verisign and provided by the two leading payment providers, PayPal and Realex Payments.

Virtual Euro Account: (immediate access)

Sometimes we offer customers virtual euros as a form of compensation, reward or as a special deal. If you have been allocated virtual euros by us you can use that amount to pay for your next purchase, or pay for a part of it (if you don't have enough virtual euros on your account) and pay for the rest via the other methods.

For further information, please check our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or feel free to contact us anytime.

What are the different exam types that I can set when composing a test? How does this relate to the diffficulty of the questions that will appear in the test?

When composing a test, you can select the exam type you wish to simulate. From the "Select Competition" drop-down list you can either pick "Compose Custom Test" or the competition type you are undertaking: Administrator, Assistant, Secretary, Linguist, Specialist Competition, CAST.

Each simulation test contains a mix of questions of varying difficulty, just like in the real EPSO exam. A few easier questions to build confidence, a number of mid-level difficulty questions that make up the bulk of the test, and a few hard questions to differentiate between really strong-performing candidates and those with a more average level of performance.

The exam type you select will affect the mix of questions that will be included in the test. For example:

  • AD Pre-Selection simulation exams will have a pre-set of 10% easy questions, 40% regular difficulty questions and 50% hard/complex questions for each test type.
  • AST Pre-Selection simulation exams will have a pre-set of 20% easy questions, 50% regular difficulty questions and 30% hard/complex questions for each test type.

The exam profile type applied does not depend on the package you purchased. You can change the exam profile of your test any time you start a new test. If you feel that a particular pre-set is more or less challenging than you expected, we encourage you to experiment with the other presents as well.

The tests you would like to practice and the quantity of questions for each can be set manually for each simulation exam separately or, when using the quick exam selector feature (Select Competition drop-down menu), it is set automatically for each test type by the system.

How many times can I use a question? And how many times can I revise a test?

Our questions have no expiration date, your question balance has no expiration date. You can compose new tests as long as you have new questions on your account, and you can revise previous tests without any time limitation.

We created a system that helps your EU exam preparation in the best possible way:

  • After you buy an EPSO exam preparation package, you can use these questions to create new tests in any composition and language you wish.
  • Once you launch a new test, the number of questions that you put in there will be deducted from your account and you can use each question once, similarly to a test book where you mark your answer options.
  • However, as a special gift to our customers, we created a system where you can re-take any of your previously composed tests as many times as you like (you can do this by finding the test you wish to re-take via the Practice Activity block of your Practice Centre).
  • You can monitor your progress via the Statistics block as well.
  • After submitting or re-taking a test, you can revise all your previous tests in review mode where, as a special feature for our customers includes an option to turn off the 'show explanation' feature to further improve the revision experience.
  • Moreover, revision is not limited in any way. You may revise previous tests and questions for an unlimited period and for an unlimited number of times.

How do I buy test questions in the language I want to practice in? And do I get the same questions repeated in all the languages I select?

When buying questions packages, you are buying a quota of questions from our database and not a specific question. This means that in the Start New Test block you can choose which language(s) you want to do your practice tests in. You do not pick this at the time of purchase.

TIP: make sure you click on the little (i) in the table on the Products tab to see how many questions we have in a particular language per test so you don’t over purchase.

No, you will not experience repeat questions regardless of which language you practice in. Our database is large enough to ensure that questions in various languages do not overlap. Those questions that are the same, but have been translated into different languages all appear on the same question id code. This means that our database knows if you have already been allocated a certain question in a particular language and will not re-allocate that same question to you in a different language. The system stores which questions you have used and makes it impossible for you to get the same question in a different language.

One exception is if you are an enthusiastic candidate and have used up the entire database of questions in a particular test/language. If you experience this please get in contact with us immediately so we can address any problems.

We work hard to ensure that you do not experience disappointment with our products/service and always get the number of fresh questions that you have paid for.

Are you planning to introduce tests in new languages?

At present, we offer most of our test questions in English and French. In addition, we offer Verbal Reasoning Tests in ALL 24 official EU languages!

  • Bulgarian (BG)
  • Croatian (HR)
  • Czech (CS)
  • Danish (DA)
  • Dutch (NL)
  • English (EN)
  • Estonian (ET)
  • Finnish (FI)
  • French (FR)
  • German (DE)
  • Greek (EL)
  • Hungarian (HU)
  • Irish (GA)
  • Italian (IT)
  • Latvian (LV)
  • Lithuanian (LT)
  • Maltese (MT)
  • Polish (PL)
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Romanian (RO)
  • Slovak (SK)
  • Slovenian (SL)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Swedish (SV)

We are constantly expanding our database and are always striving to add new languages to all our EPSO test types.

Check back to our website regularly for developments. 

Do the questions have an expiration date?

Absolutely not. All your questions will remain in your account until you use them. You can start a new test as long as you have questions in your account.