2023 European Commission AD5 Internal Competition

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The European Commission announced an AD5 Internal Competition.

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With the 2022 internal competitions just about wrapped up the European Commission released an AD5 competition on 30 October 2023. This is exciting news, especially in the wake of EPSO's postponement of the AD5 Generalists competition. There are nearly double the spots available on the reserve list for laureates compared to the last AD5 internal competition, and as usual for grade AD5 you don't need any extra professional experience other than what you already have working at the Commission - as long as it's enough to meet the eligibility requirements.

The selection process and criteria always vary a bit for each grade, these are detailed in the official Notice of Competition along with details about qualifications and professional experience. We cover these below, as well as how to get ready for the different selection tests.

Overview of the Notice of Competition

  • COM/AD5/2023 (AD5) – Administrators 
  • Applications due 27 November 2023 at 12:00 noon (Brussels time zone)
    • Important: Once you have validated your application you cannot make any changes to it!
  • 120 successful candidates will be placed on the reserve list
  • Read the Notice of Competition's Annex I for what duties you are expected to perform


Since it is an internal competition, you have presumably met the general requirements to already be working in an EU Institution, and you must have valid EU citizenship. 


a) Status - on the deadline date for applications you must fulfill ALL of the following criteria

  • be a temporary agent in the AD function group in the Commission
  • you must have served at least the last 12 consecutive full months prior to the application deadline as a temporary agent or contract agent in the Commission
  • you must have served at least the last 6 consecutive full months prior to the application deadline as a temporary agent in the AD function group in the Commission.

b) Qualifications and work experience

  • You must have a diploma issued by an EU member state proving an education corresponding to university studies of at least 3 years.
  • Apart from the experience required above in point a), you do not need to have any other additional work experience

c) Language requirements are as follows:

  • Language 1* - thorough knowledge of any one of the 24 official EU languages, minimum C1 level, a.k.a 'mother tongue'
  • Language 2* - satisfactory knowledge of another language (minimum B2 level) 
    • This will be the language that you use for all the components of this competition (application form, EU Knowledge MCQ, Written Test and the Oral Test)
  • Language 1 and Language 2 MUST BE DIFFERENT


  1. EU Knowledge MCQ
    • ​test on your knowledge of EU policies and institutions
    • 50 questions in 75 minutes
    • Language 2 (English, French or German)
    • Does not count towards your overall score

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  • Embark on the EU Knowledge Journey: Dive into the heart of EU knowledge with our newly launched e-learning platform. Uncover the intricacies of the EU through easy-to-follow modules. It's time to create your account and elevate your EU knowledge!

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  1. Written Test
    • ​The written test, similar to a case study, will assess various competencies related to the duties as detailed in Annex 1
    • Language 2 (English, French or German)
    • Will only be assessed if you have one of the highest scores on the EU Knowledge MCQ
    • Your score for the written test will be added to your score for the oral test to make your overall score

Here's how to prepare >>>

  • Written Test Simulation | with or without evaluation: NEW! We just made this brand new product available. This Case Study was written by an expert with experience working at the Commission.
  • Case Study Webinar | 2019 editionalthough this is geared at EPSO candidates pre-2023, the time management tips and useful insights provided in the webinar will add value for your written test preparation
  • Case Study Simulation | with or without evaluation: Although these are also based on the 'old' EPSO-style case study, and the time limit may vary from the internal competition written test, it is a good idea to practice writing a response under time pressure, after receiving documents to analyse on the spot.
  1. Oral Test 
    • Only those candidates who have reached the pass score and have one of the highest scores on the written test will be invited for the Oral Test, which consists of:
      • An Oral Presentation on a subject related to EU policies and institutions
      • An Interview assessing the following:
        • your competencies required to perform the duties of an administrator
        • your motivation
    • The oral test is marked out of 60, the pass score is 40/60
    • These will be done in your Language 2

Here's how to prepare >>>

  • Want to practice for the Oral Test and get on-the-spot, reliable feedback? 


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