Resources to Prepare for the EPSO EU Knowledge Test

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Resources to study for the EC Internal Competition EU Knowledge Test

2023 UPDATE - For the new EPSO selection process and AD5 Generalist competition, EPSO will be publishing the resources for the EU Knowledge Test directly on its website. The below information can still be useful, however, to kick start your preparation.

Still considered a relatively new addition to selection exams, the EU Knowledge Test has only been around since 2021, as far as we know. At the moment it is only Internal Competitions employing this type of test. However, there are rumours of this test becoming standard in the EPSO exams repertoire. We published a similar article last year, but since then have done a fresh round of research and have found even more resources for you to use when preparing for this test.

This past year we've also quietly added over 500 EU Knowledge Test questions to our database, making the total 860 questions currently. To get familiar with the type of questions you may be asked you can practice with these questions. These questions were written and compiled by an expert on EU history and policies, taking into account feedback from candidates about the content of the test questions.

Here's a sampling of some of the subjects covered in the EU Knowledge Practice Test questions in our database:

  • History of EU integration 
  • EU budget 
  • European Union legislative procedures 
  • European Union institutions 
  • European Union Law
  • European Union policies


To help you best prepare we've collected quite a few useful resources to give your EU Knowledge a boost. There are two main categories - Free and Paid (i.e. for purchase). Within those two main categories we've broken it down according to medium (e.g. video, presentation, e-book, etc.). Use the table of contents below to go directly to the resources that most interest you.

Disclaimer: these are external resources that are independent from EU Training. While we did our best to collect reliable and helpful information, some might be outdated or inaccurate. If you find such resources, please let us know so we can update our list accordingly. Do you have others you suggest we should include? Please let us know about that too.



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If you have any questions regarding the EU Knowledge Test, our prep materials, or anything else to do with EPSO exams, please drop us a line here, we'll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge. Good luck on your exams!