RELEASED! June 2022 EPSO Training Sessions | EU Training

RELEASED! June 2022 EPSO Training Sessions

EU Training released the first round of training sessions for JUNE 2022!

enlightenedDoes your Assessment Centre include an SCBI?

If so - EU Training has added online SCBI (Situational Competency-Based Interview) simulation sessions tailored to different EPSO competitions (see below). The interactive style of training allows for collaborative learning and group feedback for candidates participating in the same competition. You'll have the chance to answer 'likely' interview questions, discuss responses and share feedback/suggestions through the guidance of one of our expert EPSO coaches.

To help you prepare for the SCBI, EU Training has released online training sessions for the following competitions:

  • Chemicals Policy - EPSO/AD/390/21
  • Structural Reforms / Schengen - EPSO/AD/391/21
  • Data Protection - EPSO/AD/393/21
  • Health & Food Safety - EPSO/AD/392/21

enlightenedDoes your Assessment Centre include a Field-Related Interview?

As exam periods approach, EU Training will organise online FRI simulation sessions tailored to each unique EPSO competition. This allows candidates participating in the same competition to come together and discuss the specifics of their competition, while getting the chance to simulate interview questions with one of EUT's EPSO experts.

To help candidates prepare for the Field-Related Interview, EU Training has released virtual training sessions for the following competitions:

  • EPSO/AST-SC/10/20 – Secretaries EPSO competition
  • EPSO/AD/394/21 & EPSO/AD/395/21 - OLAF competitions

It's also a great opportunity to review your Talent Screener. Study the answers/examples that you have provided - you will be asked about these at the Field-Related Interview!

enlightenedDoes your Assessment Centre include a Competency-Based Interview?

Participate in one of our CBI simulation sessions and you'll get to answer 'likely' interview questions, then get immediate feedback from one of our knowledgeable EPSO coaches. Doing this with a coach and other candidates will allow you time to perfect your answers and gain insight on where/how you could improve further. 

Before you undertake a CBI training session we suggest you get a better understanding of the methodology - take a look at our EPSO Competency-Based Interview Insights webinar (paid). This FREE webinar will also be helpful: "Understanding EPSO Competencies and Values".

This training session is suitable for candidates participating in these EPSO competitions: 

  • Chemicals Policy - EPSO/AD/390/21
  • Lawyer-Linguist (HU, GA, PL, BG, FR, CS)
  • OLAF Competitions - EPSO/AD/394/21 (AD7/AD9)

enlightenedDo you have an EPSO computer-based test coming up?

These reasoning skills tests tend to cause a lot of stress - but unnecessarily so. These tests are not difficult, but the tight time limits do make them challenging. The sooner you start preparing and the more often you practice - the better!

It takes some time and involves consistent, regular practice to master these EPSO computer-based reasoning tests. 

Learning a few  tricks to cut corners and recognise opportunities helps to maximise your exam score.

Get the maximum out of your practice simulation tests by joining this training session (linked below) where you'll learn important tips and tricks from EU Training's very own EPSO reasoning tests expert.

EU Training’s "Master the EPSO Computer-Based Tests (Online Training)" workshop is designed to help calm nerves and build your confidence before exam day.

The full-day training session will cover all three EPSO computer-based tests (Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning), and will offer an opportunity to ask questions throughout from our highly experienced instructor.

During this workshop, you will do a deep dive into methodologies, get the best tips and tricks, and then apply what you've just learned on a live simulation for each type of reasoning test.

Each reasoning skill topic will be split into two parts:

  • PART 1 - explores test methodology, insights and tips
  • PART 2 - applies this knowledge with test simulations




*More training sessions may be released depending on demand.