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Give The Gift Of Being Prepared

Do you have an EPSO Assessment Centre coming up early next year?

Are you looking for a perfect gift for Christmas that is also super useful?

Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of BEING PREPARED smiley

Our January 2020 EPSO Assessment Centre training dates have just been released.

So, why are these training sessions such a great opportunity?

EU Training offers the chance for EPSO candidates to meet directly with specialists in the EPSO selection process and exams, so they can pick their brains and gain valuable insights from their first-hand experiences.

A simple piece of advice or strategy gained at a training session from an EPSO expert could make all the difference towards success in the next phase of the EPSO competition.

But don't just take our word for it, see below what actual EPSO candidates have to say about each of our training sessions.

Then quickly snag a spot at our upcoming courses as they tend to fill up fast.


Participate in an EPSO Assessment Centre Simulation

Feeling a little anxious about your upcoming EPSO Assessment Centre? 

Then this is what you need to calm those nerves and gain the confidence to walk into the actual EPSO Assessment Centre feeling fully prepared.

Many candidates perform well below their potential at the Assessment Centre as they are in an unfamiliar environment where words, actions, and body language matter more than you would initially assume. 

The tests undertaken at an EPSO Assessment Centre are highly practical in nature, this also means it is harder to improve or correct mistakes without feedback from people that are experts in this field and know exactly what EPSO assessors will be looking for. 

Perfect your performance before the real thing and stand out from the crowd by taking part in an Intensive EPSO Assessment Centre Simulation session where the focused is placed heavily on the practical side of the EPSO exams rather than the theory. 

This training session is tweaked to the groups' needs but includes a Competency Based Interview simulation, Group Exercise simulation, Oral Presentation simulation (if requested) and practical discussions about the Field Interview and Motivational Interview (if required).

NEXT TRAINING SESSIONS: 7 January, 17 January, 24 January and 31 January


Do TWO Practice Group Exercises and Get Feedback

It is difficult to practice for the Group Exercise exam virtually or by yourself because this practical task involves a group of participants.

While there are strategies and best practices that you should collect to mentally prepare in advance, it does not compare with the experience gained from doing a few realistic simulations and learning from these practical interactions.

The EPSO AC Group Exercise Master Class brings together candidates to practice this exercise under exam conditions similar to what you'll experience at the actual EPSO Assessment Centre.

This session offers the opportunity to participate in TWO Group Exercise simulations and benefit from the advice/feedback given by our EPSO expert, who knows exactly what EPSO assessors will be looking for. 



Test Your Performance in the Competency Based Interview 

There are many factors that can significantly affect your performance in the Competency Based Interview that you may not even think of.

Given the practical nature of this exercise, it is harder to improve or correct mistakes without feedback from people that are experts in this field and know exactly what EPSO assessors will be looking for. 

The EPSO AC Competency Based Interview Master Class offers a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with our EPSO expert, be tested on a number of 'likely' interview questions and learn collectively as a group from the feedback given.