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Been Invited To An EPSO Assessment Centre? Time To Join A SCBI Workshop Tailored To Your Competition...

EPSO has released the Situational Competency-Based Interview (SCBI) assignment pack for TWO EPSO competitions!

  • Administrators in the field of Audit (EPSO/AD/372/19 - AD5/AD7) - view pack here
  • Specialists in Legal Research - Lawyers (EPSO/AD/365-370/19 - AD5/AD7) - view pack here

In light of this, EU Training is holding Virtual SCBI Workshops tailored to each competition's unique SCBI assignment pack to help candidates prepare for this interview. 
Please note that our current SCBI training workshops (listed below) are all tailored to these two specific competitions. 
Once SCBI assignment packs for other EPSO competitions are released we will offer training sessions tailored to these competitions as well. Please keep checking back to our website's Classroom Training page, as well as contact our Customer Support Team to get on the SCBI workshops waiting list
Therefore, it is advised that only candidates that have been invited to participate in either the Audit OR the Specialists in Legal Research EPSO Assessment Centre consider joining the following SCBI workshops...

Workshops for Administrators in the field of Audit (EPSO/AD/372/19 - AD5/AD7):

Workshops for Specialists in Legal Research - Lawyers (EPSO/AD/365-370/19 - AD5/AD7):

Please note that these sessions will be conducted in FRENCH as the Assessment Centre for this competition will be in French.

Due to popular demand, more SCBI workshops may be added. 

If you are interested in future SCBI training opportunities, please let Customer Support know when your SCBI exam date will be and which EPSO competition you are participating in, so you can be notified about new SCBI training dates.

During the course of an online SCBI training session, your trainer will explore the following:

  1. Practicalities on how the SCBI will be run
  2. Assignment and background document analysis
  3. What assessors will be looking for - EPSO competencies within the context of the SCBI
  4. How to answer 'likely' interview questions: questions based on the assignment & questions not based on the assignment

Also, don't forget about our Assessment Centre Personal Coaching service if you would like one-on-one tailored preparation assistance.

If you are interested in receiving information about additional SCBI training workshops for other competitions as they become available, please contact our Support Team so they know to keep you updated about developments. 


What does this new EPSO Assessment Centre test entail?

EPSO has made the following information public about the new Situational Competency-Based Interview:

  • Aims to assess general competencies by asking the candidate how they would react in a specific situation.
  • 2-3 weeks before the interview, candidates will be given access to an online written assignment and background information to be able to prepare for the interview.
  • The assignment will ask candidates to replace a colleague and assume responsibility for a variety of tasks and situations, which will then be discussed during the interview.
  • Over the course of the interview, additional situations will be introduced by the interviewer, that are not based on the assignment.
  • The interview will last between 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The interview will test the following general competencies: analysis and problem-solving; learning and development; prioritising and organising; resilience; working with others; leadership.


  • It will be a one-to-one meeting with a trained interviewer.
  • The interviewer will provide additional information during the interview, according to a semi-structured script.
  • Candidates will be allowed to consult the written briefing and background information.
  • The interviewer will be an EU staff member - not part of the Selection Board.
  • The interview will take place remotely using a videoconferencing tool.
  • 2 Selection Board members will be present during the SCBI, but will not intervene in any way. They will only be there to observe and take notes.