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How To Master The 2023 European Commission Internal Competition Oral Test

Late last year an internal competition was released by the European Commission, the biggest since 2019 as far as we know. To help candidates reach their goal of success at the Oral Test, we have developed special training sessions just for the European Commission Internal Competition, both online and IN-PERSON!

Quick overview of the Internal Competition

Here is the full list of the current internal competitions with links to Notice of Competitions included:

The selection process and criteria varies a bit for each grade, as detailed in each specific Notice of Competition. Please make sure to check the official NoC for details on Qualifications and Work Experience.

COM Oral Test Training Sessions

We have training sessions separately for each component of the Oral Test. The BIG NEWS is that we are now offering IN-PERSON training sessions again in Brussels at the Ambiorix Centre. These on site sessions cover both components of the Oral Test. Click on the links for full details of each session.





General Criteria

There are some general criteria all the grades have in common

  • Since it is an internal competition, you have presumably met the general requirements to already be working in an EU Institution and have valid EU citizenship. 
  • Language requirements are as follows:
    • Language 1* - thorough knowledge of any one of the 24 official EU languages (minimum C1 level)
    • Language 2* - satisfactory knowledge of another language (minimum B2 level) 
      • This will be the language that you use for the full competition (application, all the tests and communication)
    • Language 1 and Language 2 MUST BE DIFFERENT
  • ​​If there is more than one field, you may only apply to one.

*This is not how the languages are referred to in the Notice of Competitions, we just used these terms to simplify the description

Selection Process

Selection processes and exams vary a bit according to grade

Grades AD7, AD9 and AD12 have the following phases:

  1. Talent Screener
  2. Oral Test consisting of 
    • Oral Presentation related to your field
    • An interview assessing the following:
      • your motivation,
      • your skills and duties
      • your ability and competency to perform strategic and managerial duties as related to your field

Grades AST2, AST-SC2*, AD5 and AD6 have the following selection phases:

  1. EU Knowledge Test - computer-based multiple choice questions (MCQ)
  2. Written Test - will assess the competencies outlined in Annex 1
  3. Oral Test consisting of
    • Oral Presentation on a subject related to EU policies and institutions
    • An interview assessing the following:
      • your motivation
      • your competencies required to perform the duties of an administrator

*AST-SC2 candidates will have an Oral Test, however, we do not know what it will consist of yet - this information will be detailed in the invitation letter.


More Resources

If you have a question or need additional help in understanding the selection processes for EU careers, please do not hesitate to contact us.