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Here's How To Master The EPSO Computer-Based Reasoning Tests

The EPSO CBT testing period for a number of competitions is rapidly approaching, so the sooner you start training for them the better!

These tests are not difficult, but the tight time limits make them challenging. 

It does take time and requires consistent, regular practice to master these EPSO computer-based reasoning tests. 

But it certainly helps if you have some tricks up your sleeve so you can cut corners and recognise opportunities to maximise your exam score.

Get the most out of your practice simulation tests by joining a training session where you'll learn vital tips and tricks from an EPSO expert.

EU Training’s "Master the EPSO Computer-Based Tests (Online Training)" session is designed to help calm nerves and build your confidence before the big day.

This full-day training session will cover all three mandatory EPSO computer-based tests (Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning), and offers the opportunity to ask questions throughout from our highly experienced instructor 

During the workshop, you will dive into the methodology of each test, receive valuable tips and tricks, and then apply this knowledge via practical simulations for each test type. 

Each exam topic will be split into two parts:

  • PART 1 - explores test methodology, insights and tips,
  • PART 2 - applies this knowledge via test simulations.