Exclusive Leak: EPSO to Launch Virtual Reality Testing

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EPSO takes remote CBT testing into a new dimension.

A New Dimension in EU Selection & Recruitment

After challenges with remote testing in 2023, in a bold move to redefine the recruitment landscape for European Union institutions, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has unveiled its latest initiative: the introduction of Virtual Reality Computer-Based Testing (VR CBT). This approach is a departure from traditional testing formats, aiming to plunge candidates into highly realistic, simulated EU work settings to gauge their abilities with precision, thanks to the adoption of VR technology.

Abstract Reasoning: VR can elevate abstract reasoning tests by presenting patterns and sequences in a three-dimensional space, allowing candidates to manipulate objects and visualize relationships in ways not possible on a flat screen or paper. This could lead to a more accurate assessment of spatial awareness and abstract thinking skills.

Numerical Reasoning: In VR, numerical reasoning can be assessed through simulations that mimic real-life financial or data analysis scenarios. Candidates might interact with virtual data sets, charts, and graphs to solve problems, offering a deeper insight into their numerical aptitude and decision-making processes under realistic conditions.

Verbal Reasoning: VR can transform verbal reasoning tests by placing candidates in simulated social situations with EU officials' avatars where they must listen, process information, and respond accordingly. This method could assess comprehension and reasoning skills in a manner that more closely mirrors real-world communication challenges.

EPSO is gearing up for the pilot phase of this pioneering VR CBT initiative, targeting a select group of competitions as of 1 April 2024. The insights gained from these early implementations will be instrumental in refining the approach and broadening its application across more competitions.

VR Equipment

As part of EPSO's approach to equal access and accessibility, every EPSO candidate can request their VR headset that is compatible with the exam requirements (and uses the recently adopted USB-C charger).
Former phone booths around Europe will be converted into VR-comptabile exam spaces that will be at the disposal of candidates to provide a silent and dedicated space for the VR-based exams. 
Candidates are advised to have anti-nausea pills at hand in case they get disoriented from 'moving' the abstract reasoning blocks in 3D space. EU Training will be working with doctors to identify and recommend candidates the over-the-counter pills with the least side effects.

AI-replicas and Assessor Twins

Based on the latest AI technology, Selection Board members' AI-replicas and 'digital twins' will be created to take care of scoring and assessment much faster while staying compliant with the rules of procedure and privacy safeguards to protect candidates.

Final thoughts

At first, it might be difficult to wrap our heads around these new testing methods but EU Training is here to assist.

Luckily, we don't have to do that just yet. Why, you ask? Just check the date.