EUT Website Update: Add your competition, new webinars and more...

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New developments on the EU Training site to improve EU careers candidates training experience. Learn all the details here.

Welcome to the latest update about the EU Training website. We're excited to share some new additions and enhancements that will help candidates better prepare for EU exams.

Your EU Training account | Add competition

A new feature on the website allows you to select your competition from a dropdown list. This is available both during registration and if you have an existing account. The next step in this feature's development will be to give you relevant recommendations according to your competition... Stay tuned.

We have done our best to add all the ongoing and upcoming EPSO competitions that have been announced, as well as various internal competitions, EP open competitions, JPP, FRONTEX, CAST and the EP's Positive Action Programme. Make sure to check the list, because your competition is most likely already on there. 

  • Add your competition by clicking on your profile name in the upper right-hand corner and choosing My Account from the list. 
  • That will take you to your profile where you will see 'Competitions' under your name

 How to add a competition to your EU Training profile.

More questions added to the database

We've recently expanded our Practice Questions Database to provide more robust support for those preparing for upcoming tests:

EP Language Test: In response to technical issues encountered during the first round of testing, we've added 80 new questions to the database.

  • These are now available just in time for the retesting scheduled on 21 May.
  • The question format will differ somewhat from the actual exam due to our system not being compatible with the format of the EP Language Test questions. 

Migration and Internal Security: To further assist candidates in preparing for the Field-Related MCQ, 120 new questions have been introduced.


New webinars added

How to Best Prepare for the EU Knowledge Test: Missed out on the live event? No worries! The recording is now available. Presenters Andras Baneth and Sonia Florian provided valuable insights on preparation strategies, including tips on leveraging AI for studying.

Ask Me Anything | EU Exams | Free Webcast: Don't miss out on this free Q&A session scheduled for 22 May 2024 at 12:30. This interactive session will feature Andras Baneth and Luc Gillis, the newest addition to our EUT team, a former EU official / advisor to EPSO.


And finally...

Enjoy a good laugh ahead of the big event tonight:

Eurovision Song Contest vs. EPSO Exams - Facebook post


We hope these updates make your preparation process smoother and more effective. As always, we are here to support you in your journey to succeeding in EU exams.