EPSO Update: Lawyer-Linguist Competition

EU Training

EPSO made an announcement about the English profile for the lawyer-linguist competition.

EPSO made another important announcement on 28 September 2023, concerning candidates for the current lawyer-linguist competition.

From now on official legal qualifications from Maltese and UK universities will be accepted. Because of this new development, the application deadline has been extended.


For those looking to apply to the English profile for EPSO's current lawyer-linguist competition, this is really great news. This now means, that to apply, you still need to be a citizen of one of the current EU member states, but for the English language profile the legal qualifications have now been expanded to include not only a degree in law or its equivalent awarded in the Republic of Ireland or a qualification as a barrister or solicitor in the Republic of Ireland, but it will also allow for degrees awarded in Malta or the UK. 

It is also important to note, that the degrees must have been attained by latest 31 December 2020.

The details of the exact qualifications have not yet been updated in the Notice of Competition, but we're sure EPSO is working on it.

There are 30 places on the reserve list for the English lawyer-linguist profile, which is quite a high number, especially if we look at past lawyer-linguist competitions where it was always around 10 places per profile. Therefore, EPSO needed to expand the pool of qualified potential candidates to meet the demand for staff at the Court of Justice. 


Due to this development, the application deadline has been extended for ALL language profiles, according to the EPSO website at the time of writing.

NEW APPLICATION DUE DATE: Submit your application through the EPSO website by 24 October 2023 at 12:00 noon / Luxembourg time. 

This has also affected EPSO's competition schedule going forward, so the booking period had to be changed as well. EPSO did state in their article that the invitation letter for the booking period will be sent out by 30 October. 

NEW TEST DATE BOOKING PERIOD: The test date booking period will start on 31 October 2023.