EPSO Update: Languages for Tests

EU Training

EPSO made an announcement about languages for the EPSO exams going forward in 2023.

EPSO announced at the beginning of this week that any of the 24 official EU languages can be used to sit the exam for the EU Knowledge Test and the Case Studies going forward.

The Head of Outreach for EPSO announced this on a video on LinkedIn and titled it 'Long Live Multilingualism'.


The EU Knowledge Test, the resources for which everyone is eagerly waiting, will be available to take in any of the European Union's 24 official languages. This is great news for those who are most comfortable taking tests in their mother tongue. We have to wait and see what other criteria will be given in the Notice of Competition which is scheduled for release on 9 November, 2023.

To start planning for this competition, Andras Baneth will be co-hosting a live info webcast with Andras Korizs our in-house reasoning skills expert, on Tuesday, 3 October at 12:30. Join this interactive live event to ask questions directly from the experts and to start your forward planning for the AD5 Generalist EPSO exams. Click on the link to register for free!


The other part of the announcement was about the Case Study exam. Going forward and starting with the upcoming EPSO Transport competition, the Case Study exam will also be available to take in any of the European Union's 24 official languages.

The competitions that have been released so far, the Case Study test can only be taken in English, except for the EUIPO exams, where the Case Study was taken in Language 2, a choice of five languages: English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.


Hot off the press: EPSO just announced (27 September 2023) that there is a retesting date planned for 6 October for those EUIPO candidates who experienced technical issues. And by the looks of it, i.e. Facebook comments, there were a lot of people with issues. So probably a good move from EPSO!