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EPSO Language Comprehension Tests Available in 13 Languages

During this down-time, we have been working hard at EU Training to further expand and enhance our already gigantic question database in multiple areas.

Candidates whose CAST and EPSO competition exams include a language comprehension test (such as the AD5 EU Law competition) will be happy to hear that EU Training's database includes EPSO like Language Comprehension Tests in 13 LANGUAGES! 

We have added FIVE new languages and a bunch more test simulations to the mix.

This means that the following number of Language Comprehension Tests are available in these languages:

  • English - 40 test sets available, with another 10 sets to be added over August
  • French - 30 test sets available
  • Greek - 20 test sets
  • Italian - 20 test sets
  • Romanian - 20 test sets
  • Spanish - 20 test sets
  • Croatian - 10 test sets
  • German - 10 test sets
  • Bulgarian - 5 test sets just added
  • Dutch - 5 test sets just added
  • Hungarian - 5 test sets just added
  • Polish - 5 test sets just added
  • Portuguese - 5 test sets just added

Before you get stuck into Language Comprehension practice tests though, we highly recommend that you first watch our FREE webinar on the Beginner’s Guide To The EPSO Language Comprehension Test so you can then apply any new tips and tricks acquired to your next practice test.


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