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EPSO Case Study Simulations Now Available in 5 Languages

We have some great news for candidates about to step into the Assessment Centre phase of their EPSO competition - especially those who are undertaking the Graduate Administrators competition.

EU Training now offers practice EPSO Case Study Simulations in 5 LANGUAGES! - English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

This means we now have 17 Case Study simulations available in English, 5 in French and one new Case Study in German, Italian and Spanish has been added THIS WEEK!

Also, don't forget...your completed English and French Case Study simulations can be sent off to be evaluated by an EPSO expert.

Our EPSO experts will review it, score it and give valuable feedback on where you can improve as they know exactly which skills and competencies the EPSO selection board will be looking for. Plus each Case Study Evaluation comes with a sample solution.

It is important to note, however, that at this stage only ENGLISH and FRENCH language Case Studies can be sent off for evaluation.

You can access EPSO Case Study Simulation and Evaluation options here


EPSO Case Study Exam Insights

Before you start training for this test, we greatly recommend that you invest a little time into understanding the exam's methodology. This way you'll know what the EPSO Assessors will be looking for and will be able to apply valuable strategies to complete this task correctly. 

The EPSO Case Study Exam Insights webinar gives a detailed overview of the Case Study component of the EPSO Assessment Centre and explores the exam methodologies to get the highest scores, gives practical advice on how to manage your time, discusses terminology, layout, structure and other crucial tips while offering useful references to valuable preparation resources.

Included with the webinar is a sample Case Study with a solution example, as well as a Q&A on the topic by our EPSO experts.

Practice makes perfect, so once you understand the methodology start doing a few practice Case Study simulations before the real thing and put your newly acquired strategies to the test.

If you want to further improve and get even better results, send your completed answers off for evaluation. Our EPSO experts will review it, score it and give valuable feedback on where you can improve (please note this service is only available for Case Studies completed in English or French). 

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