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Applications opened today, 20 July, for the 2023 EUIPO, grade AD6, EPSO selection exams. This article highlights the most relevant parts of EPSO's Notice of Competition.

PLEASE NOTE: This article has been updated to reflect the changes EPSO made to the Notice of Competition and the reopened application period.

Originally opened on 5 October 2023, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has now officially reopened applications for the Transport competition.

The new application period is from 1 March to 9 April 2024.

This competition aims to select Administrators in the field of transport, grade AD7. Those candidates who succeed and reach the highest scores on the EPSO selection exams will end up on the Reserve List from which EU Institutions can then recruit staff. 

EU Training's Andras Baneth presented a free webcast back in October 2023 to guide EPSO candidates through the original Notice of Competition. Much of that is still useful information, but there are some core changes we will cover in the article below.

Below we dive into the details of the updated EPSO/AD/410/23 competition...

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See all the highlights and important excerpts from the Notice of Competition below, use these quick links for easy navigation:

Competition Snapshot  I  Eligibility Criteria  I  Selection Process  I  How Can You Apply?



  • EPSO ID: EPSO/AD/410/23
  • Reopen for Applications: 1 March 2024
  • Application Deadline: 9 April 2024 (12 noon | Brussels time)
  • Grade: AD7
  • Places on the reserve list: 80
  • Jobs based in Brussels, Strasbourg or Luxembourg

Please read the Notice of Competition's Annex II for what duties you are expected to perform. These are also summarised in the competition info webcast.



General criteria:

  • Have EU citizenship
  • Fulfilled any military service requirements
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties concerned

Language Requirements UPDATED

Candidates must have knowledge of at least two official EU languages.

  • Language 1: Minimum C1 level of one of the 24 official EU languages (regardless of your citizenship).
  • Language 2: Any of the remaining 23 official languages of the EU at a minimum level of B2. 

Language 1 and Language 2 must be different!

Qualifications & Work Experience

  • See the section starting from "3.3. Specific conditions — qualifications and work experience" for these specific requirements according to which profile you choose. The specific qualifications (and much more) were covered during the 2023 EPSO Transport Exams Info Webcast.




Candidates applying to this competition must submit their application online through the EPSO website by 9 April 2024 at 12:00 noon / Brussels time (CEST). The application can be filled out in any of the 24 official languages of the EU.

Candidates who had already submitted their applications for the original deadline, or the extended deadline, referred to as 'existing candidates' in the NoC, will have their applications reopened.

Existing candidates are required to review and validate their applications AGAIN. If you don't re-validate your application by the new deadline you will not be able to participate in the competition.

Existing candidates can change their language choices and make any other changes they would like.

Then, the next step is for candidates to upload, through their EPSO accounts, scanned copies of documents that support the declarations made in their applications. This has to be done by 4 June 2024 at noon / Brussels time (CEST).

Existing candidates do not have to upload documents again, but they can add more documents if they would like to.

  1. TESTS

All the candidates who have validated their applications on time will be invited to sit a series of tests:


These tests are done in your chosen Language 1 and are pass/fail, which means it will not count towards the final overall score. Only those who pass this test will have their MCQ scored.




Pass mark

Verbal Reasoning

20 questions

35 min


Numerical Reasoning

10 questions

20 min

NR and AR combined passmark: 10/20

Abstract Reasoning

10 questions

10 min


IMPORTANT: Candidates must reach the pass mark AND get highest scores overall. The ranking of MCQ scores will determine which candidates will have their Case Study Written Test scored and their eligibility checked.

The EPSO field-related MCQ will be specific to the field of transport and will be held in your chosen Language 2.





Field-related MCQ


40 min



The EPSO Case Study Written Test is used to assess how well a candidate communicates in writing. The Written Test will be done in your chosen Language 2.

The scoring is based on 0/10 and the pass mark 5/10


The scoring of the case study and eligibility checks will be done in parallel.

The Selection Board will only score the written tests and check the eligibility for those candidates who ranked the highest on the field-related MCQ scores, and these will be checked until not more than 1.5 times the number of successful candidates sought is reached.

Eligibilty is checked according to the general requirements and comparing declarations made in candidates' application forms against the supporting documents uploaded.


The EPSO Selection Board will draw up the Reserve List of eligible candidates who got all the required pass marks in ranking order as established by the highest MCQ scores and passed the eligibility check until the number of successful candidates sought has been reached. The candidates who made it on to the Reserve List will be notified directly by EPSO. The Reserve List will then be made available to the recruiting services of the EU institutions.



ALWAYS refer to the official EPSO Notice of Competition to understand the OFFICIAL rules related to your specific competition. For more information on the EPSO selection procedure read the Notice of Competition and the General Rules Governing Open Competitions to be sure you  are qualified and meet the eligibility criteria required before submitting your application.

To start the application process, click here. (EPSO will make the link to apply available here after noon of the day the NoC is published.)


Contact us any time with any questions or issues related to your EPSO competition.