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The 2019 Graduate Administrations Reserve List Is Out

BIG. HUGE. MASSIVE congratulations to all the candidates who were successfully included in the 2019 Graduate Administrators reserve list.

This has been an epic journey and a major test of resilience.

While it may have taken over 2 years to get to this point, due to extensive delays caused by the covid pandemic, the 143 laureates on the Reserve List can now look forward to pursuing exciting job opportunities at the EU institutions. 

For helpful tips on how to land a job at an EU institution check out this webinar: How To Get An EU Job From The Reserve List

From our side, it is also immensely rewarding for our trainers and coaches to see so many familiar names appear on this Reserve List. It reaffirms that our preparation services equip EPSO candidates with the vital tools needed to make it past the finish line. 

Based on our analysis, we found the following...

From the laureates on the 2019 Graduate Administrators competition's Reserve List:

  • 94% have an EU Training account.
  • 91% have used EU Training's products/services to prepare for the various exam stages of the selection process.
  • 64% participated in at least one of our Assessment Centre simulation/workshop sessions and/or undertook Assessment Centre personal coaching in the lead-up to the competition's Assessment Centre.

Not only do the stats speak for themselves...the many notes of thanks and words of encouragement received from successful candidates is the greatest reward for our team. We greatly appreciate that our dedicated work and efforts to deliver the best possible EPSO preparation solutions in the market is so highly valued by EPSO candidates.

"With EU Training I had the opportunity to prepare myself in the best possible way to take the CBTs, e-tray, and all the tests of the Assessment Center phase. The exercises with the simulator, the classrooms, but also the webinars, as well as “The Ultimate EU Test Book - Assessment Center 2019” have all added a fundamental element in my preparation to successfully pass the countless tests posed by a European competition. I thank all the EU Training staff who have always assisted and supported me to prepare myself in the best possible way and finally win the contest as an AD5 Administrator."

"I wanted to share some great news with you :-) Today I received the notification that I am on the reserve list :-) Thanks so much again for your wonderful coaching!!!"

"Thank you so much for the effort you put into my preparation and the tips you gave me!"

"I passed the AD5 :) Thank you again for all your advice and support!!! Now the challenge will be to get from the reserve list to an actual AD5 job...   Happy to work with you again in the future."

"I attended the online courses on the Motivational Interview and Oral Presentation with Ticiana, and CBI with Jan. I succeeded in the EPSO/AD/373/19 concours and I’m very thankful for their insights and feedback during the sessions. Overall, I’m very glad that I took EU Training’s courses. Your high standards really helped me on the way during my preparation. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for helping me through this process, it really made a difference :) I will definitely be back soon to get some interview coaching."

"Thanks for the preparation for the AD5 competition. It was really helpful. I am on the reserve list and very glad.”

"Thank you very much for the help. It was the first time I prepared for an EPSO competition and I am now on the AD5 reserve list!  You were always very supportive and I used a lot of materials, from simulations to the AD books and they were always on focus! I am very happy because I will start on 16/08 as a permanent official already!"

"I passed the AD5! Thanks for everything! I'm so happy! The help of EU Training in preparing me for the exam was key.”

"Dear EU Training staff, I'm in! I have been practicing with your help for several years, in several selections, and now I am on the Reserve List. I cannot yet believe it... Thank you so much for your help! I will always acknowledge your effective support."

We are always keen to receive feedback from our customers and to read about your progress on a journey towards an EU career. So if you would like to share your experience with us or let us know how you have progressed in any EPSO competition, please shoot our Support Team a message. We look forward to hearing from you!