What services do you offer on this website? | EU Training

What services do you offer on this website?

In addition to our online EPSO exam practice packages (available for all stages and types of EPSO competitions) we offer a huge variety of products and services to assist with your EPSO preparation.

Case Study Simulations With Evaluation

Get direct feedback from an assessor on your competed practice Case Study simulations, so you can correct mistakes, address weaknesses and improve your performance.


We explain and discuss the application process, requirements as well as the best training methods for the most popular EPSO competitions via free information webcasts. Access vital information to help you excel in your upcoming EPSO competition.


We hold regular LIVE methodology webinar sessions presented by EPSO experts as well as, offer a vast library of webinar recordings to help you through every stage of the EPSO selection process including the computer-based tests, the E-tray exercise, the Assessment Centre and even how to get an EU job once you're on the Reserve List.


We are constantly expanding our e-book collection to offer valuable reading materials that delve deep into key EPSO topics. Download all our e-books for free!

E-learning materials

We keep you posted about the latest EPSO news and developments, and offer valuable advice via our Tips & Tricks articles to tackle tricky EPSO topics, so you can use these insights to your advantage the next time you take an EPSO exam.

Classroom trainings / master classes

Our classes are held by professional trainers who are EPSO experts. Focused heavily on the practical side of the EPSO exams, our classroom training sessions are designed to enhance a candidate’s confidence by simulating EPSO test conditions before the real thing. Classes are tailored to both Pre-Selection stage as well as, Assessment Centre stage. Make sure you also check out our highly specialised Master Classes.

Personal coaching sessions

We help EPSO candidates to enhance their performance through one-on-one personal coaching services. Pre-Selection, Assessment Centre and Middle Management coaching sessions are available via Skype or in person (face-to-face). Candidates will receive focused attention and tailored guidance from expert instructors to prepare for any stage of the EPSO selection process, and boost their EPSO exam performance. Application Assistance services are also offered when applying for a new EPSO competition.

EU Jobs

Looking for an EU Job? Scan through our comprehensive list of currently available EU affairs jobs. Also, have all the latest EU employment opportunities sent straight to your inbox by subscribing to our EU JOBS newsletter to get updates every two weeks on upcoming EPSO competitions and job vacancies at EU Institutions.

We hope you will utilise our ever expanding services available and find them vital in your EPSO exam preparation.