How to Prepare for the EPSO Transport Competition

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Rita Revy

Now that EPSO has finally rebooted this competition there's a lot to get ready for! EU Training can help.

Applications were reopened for the Transport competition in early March, and the application period closed on 9 April. For those of you that submitted (or for many, resubmitted) their applications the next step in the selection process is testing. There are three tests you must prepare for:

  1. Computer-Based Test | Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning Skills
  2. Field-Related MCQ
  3. Written Test 

It can be a bit overwhelming with all these different tests and it's hard to know how and where to start preparing. The most obvious piece of advice is (don't roll your eyes): DON'T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE! The sooner you get started the more skills and confidence you will gain, and exam day will be a breeze.

EU Training has taken the stress out of figuring out where to find resources and practice tests. We have everything in one place to help you set up a preparation schedule that suits you. So let's dive right in:

Transport Competition Package

And that's it! You don't need much else. The Transport competition package has:

  1. Practice questions for both the CBT and the Field-Related MCQ 
  2. Simulations for the Written Test, where you can practice under real exam-like conditions with a strict time limit
  3. Some packages also include evaluations

All you have to do is click on the Transport competition package link above to go straight to the package page, you'll have to scroll down a bit when you land on the page, then you will see that you can purchase single questions or custom packages at a discount price, if you prefer..

Written Test Simulation

If you haven't done a written test simulation on our platform yet, here is a handy tutorial on how to access and start the simulation.

Once you've written your response, you can request an evaluation through the Practice History on your EUT Dashboard.

Remember, although it is related to the field, the Written Test will only be assessing one competency: Written Communication Skills.

Another great skill-building source is the Case Study Insights webinar. Chock full of great drafting skills improvement advice, and much more.

Reasoning Skills

A great way to ensure you get the most out of the practice questions is to first participate in a training session to get a solid methodology foundation on which to build your preparation work.

See the full Master the EPSO CBT Training Sesssion schedule here.

Field-Related MCQ

Did you know we have a list of Transport MCQ resources? These sources were provided by the question writers and are a great source for boosting your studies for the field-related MCQ.

We're here for you

And finally, our Customer Support Team is on hand to answer all your Transport competition related questions. Just click on the orange Help button to the right here, or write directly to