EPSO Update: 5 New Competitions Announced

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Fresh off the press - EPSO announced 5 new competitions today. There are no huge surprises here, many of these were rumoured to take place. However, the AD5 Generalist competition is great news and a big opportunity for many people. As we already knew, there's still nothing happening until May - but then there will be two released at once.

The reason given for this big wait until May is that EPSO is putting all its efforts into finalising updating the selection process and hopefully will announce the simpler and faster competition model within the next few months.

Here are the upcoming competitions from May 2023 as published on the EPSO website:

  • Economists (AD6 - May 2023)
  • Administrators in the field of intellectual property (AD6 - May 2023)
  • Administrators in the fields of Crisis Management, Migration and Internal Security (AD7 - June 2023)
  • Administrators in the field of transport (AD7 - July 2023)
  • Administrators - Generalists (AD5 - September 2023)

Until then, many of you are probably busy preparing for current EPSO exams. Here are some useful resources and tips for you to prepare now and to get ready for the big competition releases later this year:

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