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As you are probably aware, no one is required to indicate professional experience in their application for this AD profile.

Nevertheless, it seems to me as the approprate thing to do, given that if I pass successfully, people will wan to know more about me and will seek CV-type information.

I can suppy employment contracts, but I have no pay-slips or detailed description of my duties.

To be honest, I don't see the point entirely, and it feels like employment contracts should suffice (we are talking about 8 years of experience after all, no one would keep their pay-slips, I imagine?). Still, the notice for competition formally demands it.

So, if I happen to need to provide all these documents, do I run any risk of disqualification for not being able to produce them all or simply my experience will not be taken into account without any further substantial consequences?

Thank you!


Somedudereplyingtoquestions Fri, 08/28/2020 - 22:06


I think this is a very valid question and I would recommed you to address your question to EPSO directly. You can maybe share it in the forum. Would be interesting to know what they reply, certainly also for others. 

You can maybe try to get in touch with your former employers and ask them if they can provide you with such pay slips. They may have them in their accounting system. 

As far as I know the AD5 Law competition does not require work experience as a specific eligibility requirement. So it should not constitute a condition disqualifying you from taking part in the competition (only my guess). 

Actually I did contact EPSO Sun, 08/30/2020 - 07:52

Actually I did contact EPSO and they sent me this email:

"All the professional experiences indicated in your application should be supported by a document. If you mention your professional experience in your Application form you should be able to prove it. In this case, however, you will not be disqualified: we would nevertheless suggest that you bring all documents at your disposal such as your contracts."


Somedudereplyingtoquestions Sun, 08/30/2020 - 10:04


Thanks a lot for sharing EPSO's reply - that is useful to know. I checked my documents from my competition as well as the information I received from EPSO back then. Actually, when you are invited to an assessment centre they provide you with some further explanations what kind of documents they need for the proof of experience and how you should provide them. Back then, they mentioned that they would like to have preferably everything as in the notice of competition but they'd also accept alternatively reference letters (that however must include start, end, duration, type of contract and gross monthly salary as an info) and job descriptions (if not spelled out in the job contract or reference letter).

When I brought my documents to the assessment centre as requested by EPSO, last pay slips were enough. In addition, for some of my work experience I was not able to provide a document describing my specific tasks at these jobs either. They never raised this as an issue.

At least, it is good to know they will not disqualify candidates from the competition (for those that do not require specific work experience) in case such documents on work experience do not fully correspond to their requirements.