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Hi all,

Are there people here who have succeeded in the Single Resolution Board selections? I'm mostly asking about the Bank Resolution expert reserve list (but advice from candidates in other lists is  also welcome). 

I have a few questions and I would be grateful for your input:

1. How long after your inclusion in the reserve list were you contacted? 

2. Were you contacted by the HoU directly or by the HR service? Would it be a good idea to contact HoUs directly?

3. Any idea if they usually exhaust the reserve list/approximately what percentage of candidates in the reserve list is actually offered a position? The validity of the list is quite short (one year) and I'm starting to doubt that everyone will be contacted (or hired).


Many thanks in advance to all!


kiki.bnkn_105399 Fri, 03/25/2022 - 10:22


I was recently hired from the AD Generalist reserve list; I'm not sure if my experience will be helpful to you since the hiring process for your reserve list might be different.

However, my advice would be to not wait to be contacted, but to proactively send out applications. After the announcement of my reserve list I was able to see vacancies in my EPSO account, and started to apply to positions that interested me. It luckily didn't take long to get invited to interviews this way. 

I would also advice you to be proactive because, as you said, the reserve list is only valid for a year, and the whole HR process from the informal job offer after a successful interview to the official job offer can take quite a bit of time. 

I hope this was at least a little bit helpful to you; I wish you all the success and that you find a position quickly :)