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proof of experience

sofia Sun, 01/24/2021 - 11:39

Hello all, 

has anyone experienced the proof of experience stage in a competition of a specialized agency /epso? Can you tell me what do they check?

For one position I do have the necessary years of experience, if I count the traineeships and the professional experience, both working for others and working on my own. But some years (the traineeships) I was unpaid / paid on black -a customs in my country, unfortunatly, though back then I did not think it was relevant-. Finally,last year, with the pandemic, it was horrible, I made only a couple invoices in total, although I was registered with my professional organization, paid the annual tax (I am an autonomous worker) so can I count it as a year of professional experience? They ask the percentage worked, so what can I put?

thank you all for the suggestions.