Problem with EPSO account Tue, 02/13/2024 - 11:18

Hallo everyone!

It seems that there is a major problem when trying to access my account in EPSO. 

There is an error message when trying to see the vacancy list. 

Everything else is visible (e.g. profile, contact details, uploading CV etc). 

Has anyone faced the same issue? 

I 've sent an email to EPSO, however I did not get an aswer. 




RD Tue, 02/13/2024 - 16:24


I have the exact same issue. It started last Friday, February 9th. I get the following message:
An error occurred: Please check our online application manual or contact us using the online contact form, should the problem not be quickly solved

I can also see my profile, upload CV, etc., but cannot see my applications (several of them in the past years) or the vacancy list for the process that I passed. I contacted EPSO with the issue but haven't got a response yet.


David @ EU Training Tue, 02/13/2024 - 18:08


Could you kindly update us once EPSO responds?

Hi David. Wed, 02/14/2024 - 10:15

Hi David.

I received yesterday an answer by Epso support, that they are aware of the problem and that the IT department is working on it. 

However the problem is still there. 

Thank you for the update.

David @ EU Training Wed, 02/14/2024 - 17:40

Thank you for the update. hopefully, they will sort it out ASAP.