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Preparing for exams, questions for those who passed

piast738@proton... Sat, 03/14/2020 - 14:56

Hi everyone,

When you were preparing for the exams, did you first focus on the computer based numerical, verbal etc. tests and only once you passed them start preparing for the next test? Or did you prepare for all tests from the beginning?


You need to prepare for

danpoir1 Thu, 09/03/2020 - 10:22

You need to prepare for everything even the specific field. Otherwise if you fail the specific field and succeed the 3 reasoning exams you will be invited again only for the field but in 6 months time!


Hello Piast,

Somedudereplyingtoquestions Thu, 09/03/2020 - 12:49

Hello Piast,

I assume it depends on the kind of competition. 

From Danpoir1's reply, I assume he/she may be referring to a CAST competition (because of the reference to being invited again in 6 months). I am not very familiar with CAST competitions. 

Regarding my experience on generalist competitions - yes, I have only replied step by step. And would only prepare for the next stage, once I received the information that I passed to the next step of the competition. I do not know people who started actively to prepare for the e-tray exercise or the assessment centre earlier then that. 

I fear it may be frustrating if you start preparing for, let's say the e-tray exercise only to find out you may have failed the first part. But then again it depends on whatever you wish to do in your available time.