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Practice Goals and Statistics

charliesanfran_... Tue, 10/20/2020 - 11:16


I'm hoping for some encouragement ;-)....  As I am still terrible at numerical reasoning after a few weeks of practice I find that 2 minutes per question is still extremely short, even if I know the questions and calculations I need to do ahead of time and just exercise them through.  In an exam situation it is unthinkable that I would have a chance at getting to answer all 10 questions.  I know I only need 50%, which means if I do 3-4 minutes per question and get to the right answer, I'm fine.  But I am really surprised that by contrast, the time alottment for verbal reasoning seems very realistic and almost generous.  I always finish with time to spare (although not completely without mistakes). Can this be?  Does anyone else have any experience like this?   

And for the Accuracy and Precision tests - is there any human being that can actually answer 40 questions in 6 minutes?  That just seems impossible.  I wonder if there are any statistics or curves as to how on average people tend to do, so that one knows what is a realistic goal to practice towards....?  I'm starting to get totally discouraged and frustrated...