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Living and working in Brussels - experiences.

robert.polak_135827 Sat, 06/04/2022 - 14:17

Hi everyone. Since most of us are here in hope to get a position with EU insituition and most of them are in Brussels, Itought that maybe someone who is already there may share some experiences of living and working inĀ  Brussels (I know there arer blogs on net but still we can share here).

Maybe someone could share how it is social life and how easy/difficult is to create a social circle. Who are you hannging out the most, locals or expats. What is the general quality of life? I assume that if someone is working for EU institution for some time, the salary is not an issue at this point. Also, since I am in my mid 30 I am looking to settle down some time soon so I would be also interested to know to who are you connecting the most (other expats or?).

In general, is your quality of life better or worse now and what are biggest positives and negatives.

My situation is that I currently live in Copenhagen for last 4 years and although the city is beatiful and the standard is very high, I find it difficult to fit in with Danish people. Most of my social circle are expats and there are not many of them here (except students).