I already passed the C2  proficiency in English in July using the time given by the delays. I had to run a bit thinking that the competition would be in Saeptember, and I got  the following score:

Overall: 205


Use of English:215

Writing: 205

Listening: 204

Speaking: 176

I was expected to have over 220  overall, so i've been asked many times to repeat this exam, additionally somebody published a book with more mock exams, updated to 2023.

On the Other side, I learned tat I could pass the DELF B2 (for french), or maybe the DALF C1-C2.


My question is whether I would  get further benefit by repeating the C2 to increase scores (specially speaking), or I would get better chances by attaining French certificates.

If the competition is furthere delayed by more than a year I will do both things.

You do not need a language

David @ EU Training Wed, 11/08/2023 - 18:14

You do not need a language certificate for EPSO competitions. You only need to present your language skills in practice.