Has anybody got the results of they AST/SC10 computer based test? | EU Training

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I was wondering if any of you has received the results of the Computer-based test? On the EPSO website, it says that they are usually received 2 weeks after the assessment window but almost 2 months have passed now and still nothing?


Please reply if you know anything.



"The results of the computer

Welkyx Wed, 01/13/2021 - 14:55

"The results of the computer-based tests will be included in all candidates’ EPSO accounts after all candidates have taken their tests. "

And there is a new testing period in 2021 for those who could not sit the test in November (in Italy, for instance).
I'm afraid it's going to be a long wait.


Hi..nothig till now :(  I

trufasmarius1 Fri, 02/05/2021 - 18:08

Hi..nothig till now :(  I gave the tests in November 2020 from Belgium.

How much time we have to wait till the result?

Usually they release the

aliciapareja22_142770 Mon, 02/08/2021 - 10:25

Usually they release the results 4 to 5 weeks after the testing period is over, but I don't think we'll have the results until the end of March. Those who couldn't take the test because their exam centers were closed are taking them this month, so we still have a while to wait

Thank you

trufasmarius1 Mon, 02/15/2021 - 10:56

Thank you


BorySD Tue, 03/16/2021 - 18:55


Is anybody else a bit bothered by the fact that the people, like me, who passed the test in early November, had less time to prepare than those who are taking the exam in February/March? 


Hi, does anyone have any news

aliciapareja22_142770 Thu, 04/08/2021 - 13:54

Hi, does anyone have any news on this topic? Do we know when the results will be released? 

The second examination period ended on the 19thof March, so I'm hoping someone knows more than me!

Not any time time soon, as

Welkyx Thu, 04/08/2021 - 14:45

Not any time time soon, as there is going to be a third testing period...

Does anyone know when the new

anynews ? Mon, 04/12/2021 - 15:59

Does anyone know when the new CBT session will be, if there will be a 3rd  one ?

Hi, I emailed EPSO asking

aliciapareja22_142770 Wed, 04/28/2021 - 12:35

Hi, I emailed EPSO asking about the results of the first exam and whether there will be a third testing period and this was their reply:

Dear Ms 

Thank you for your message.

Please be informed that there is a residual number of candidates currently being tested as they were not able to sit their tests in the designated testing windows. For this reason the intermediate test on Microsoft office word skills could not take place yet.

We do not have further information on the planning of this test yet, but please rest assured that any relevant information will be communicated to you via the EPSO account.

Best regards


Thank you very much for

anynews ? Wed, 04/28/2021 - 14:35

Thank you very much for sharing this message with us !

Just got my results! Good

aliciapareja22_142770 Fri, 07/30/2021 - 14:46

Just got my results! Good luck everyone :)

I got my results too and I ve

trufasmarius1 Fri, 07/30/2021 - 19:15

I got my results too and I ve passed to the next phase...Do you know, the word test is from Word 2016?

Hello ,

BorySD Fri, 07/30/2021 - 22:08

Hello ,

I received my results too and I passed. If anybody has tips for the MCQ Mictosoft Office test, I would appreciate it. Good luck to everyone!

Hello to everyone, 

BorySD Wed, 09/08/2021 - 00:07

Hello to everyone, 

I just watched again the tutorial for the MCQ Microsoft office test and looks quite different compared to the preparation material on eutraining.com that I am using to get ready for the exam - for example the MCQ on eutraining.com doesn't have multiple correct answers, or videos, or questions requiring to link different elements.

If anyone has any information about this next phase, it would be much appreciated.