Dear all, 

I want to apply for the  CAST- FGIII position in Political Political affairs / EU policies. I already have university degree. Is it necessary a working experience in this sector in order to apply for a FGIII position? 


Per the eligibility criteria

David @ EU Training Wed, 11/08/2023 - 18:19

Per the eligibility criteria in the Call for Expressions of interest:

3.3. Minimum specific conditions - qualifications and professional experience

(2) For function groups II and III, the minimum level of education required is defined as follows:

(a) a level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma; or

(b) a level of secondary education, attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education, and appropriate professional experience of at least three years; or

(c) where justified in the interest of the service, professional training or professional experience of an equivalent level.