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Expatriation allowance

kristen.jaanus_88338 Fri, 04/15/2016 - 19:01


I have a question about expatriation allowance. For example lets say I'm allowed for expat allowance. After working in EU comission ( lets say 6 years) I decide to change my job within the institution. After the job transfer am I still allowed to get expat allowance or not? Why I ask this question is because then I have habitually resided in the State where I work before job transfer, so therefore I'm not allowed for expat?


You can change jobs as many

JaGyGy Tue, 04/19/2016 - 07:37

You can change jobs as many times as you want within an institution and even from one institution to another (for example from the Commission to the Parliament) and you will keep your expat allowance. It's set at the time of recruitment, according to what the situation is at that time, and remains unchanged for th rest of your career.

However, if your career takes you back to your home country (for example to an agency etc.) then you will lose the expat allowance as one of the requirements is that you cannot be a citizen of the Member State in which you work (and you cannot ever have been a citizen of that Member State).

I have a similar question on

natasa.buljan@ep.europa.eu Wed, 03/22/2017 - 17:42

I have a similar question on the expatriation allowance.

Let's say I work as a temp for the EP for 6 years. My contract ends and I don't get a new one. Before the contract ends there is a competition I can participate in and I do so. Let's assume I pass it. Do I get the expat allowance again or not? Keep in mind there is a gap between the end of the contract and the beginning of a new one after the competition. 

I know you don't get the expat allowance if you have been living in Belgium (in this case) for too long before your contract. So does the time as a temp count because of the break in between?



dora_dam@hotmail.com Mon, 10/08/2018 - 22:04


I am also puzzled with the expatriation allowance.

Let's say that I arrived in Brussels in April 2013. Priod to this date I have been working in Italy.

From April 2013 until September 2017 I have been unemployed and as of October 2017 I started working as an interimaire.

One year later, this October, I am offered a temporary agent contract. Am I eligible for the expatriation allowance?