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I studied with EUTraining and passed the test - Verbal, Numerical and Abstract and as well the Project Mgmt part. I almost maxed out the result on Numerical and Abstract - for the PM part and as well all the others, the questions were in line with the preparation given on the site. As I still remember some questions from the test, esp. the PM part feel free to give me a shout, so to include those in the questions for preparation.

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Dear Roddy,

roussda Thu, 12/16/2021 - 14:59

Dear Roddy,

Thanks for your post!  I am preparing myself for the EPSO test - GFIV - Project management.

I will have the test from 19/01 to 25/01, schedule still to be confirmed.

I would appreciate if you can share to me the questions you had in competencies?  I have already studied many fields on the Project management, but I would like to see if I went in the right direction.

Thank you in advance,

Miss Daryl 

Dear Roddy

talk2stephanie@hotmail.com Wed, 01/05/2022 - 18:42

Dear Roddy

I am currently preparing for the PM CAST FIV and was wondering whether you could share your questions and answers.

Thank you.

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Where Can I find the

talk2stephanie@hotmail.com Fri, 01/07/2022 - 16:49

Where Can I find the questions and answers?

Thank you.



Dear Roddy,

GILLY Sun, 01/09/2022 - 23:26

Dear Roddy,


I just applied for an FGIV position and would be grateful if you could share your Q&A.










renata.kaps@hotmail.com Fri, 02/11/2022 - 18:45


Anyone could shar some questions?

Much appreciated

Thanks :)


I wonder how you did this

blazey Thu, 02/17/2022 - 21:16

I wonder how you did this considering how many outdated and falso answers are in the PM part. I'm really disappointed by the low quality.

Dear all,

roussda Fri, 02/18/2022 - 08:41

Dear all,

I am really sorry for the delay in replying here.

Roddy did not provide me the Q&A.  3 day before my examination, I discovered a group in Facebook sharing all the Q&A on project management competencies 'EPSO CAST Exams".  To be honest, the competencies in EU training can help to pass it, but it is not at all sufficient.  As you mentioned, there are some outdated questions i.e the signification of the executive agencies or about the new FP Horizon Europe and no more Horizon2020 etc.  I suggest to be part in the group in Facebook to get the questions, really useful!!! Of course, check always the answers!

Concerning the verbal, abstract and numerical questions, Eu Training exercices match with the level of difficulty in the test.  You need to practise a max to be able to manage the clock, to avoid to be under pressure!

From my side, I passed successfully the CAST in January :). Now, I would be invited for the panel in the REA in principle.

I wish you all the best,


Hi Daryl, in terms of

blazey Tue, 02/22/2022 - 22:45

Hi Daryl, in terms of abstract reasoning, I wonder whether you refer to the EU training book or the EU training website questions on abstract reasoning. I have the book and mastered the astract reasoning tests there quite fast after some training. Testing now with the online questions, I see there is A HUGE difference in difficulty level. The online questions are nowhere close to those in the book in terms of difficulty. Given the lack of qaulity in the competency online part, I start to doubt whether the online abstract reasoning questions are actually representative. 

It follows always the same pattern in the online version: first question is easy to solve, second is ok to solve, the remaining 80% is very difficult to unsolvable in 60 seconds given the complexity of rules. I tested it a lot with frineds, too. I can't really see why the Commission would raise rather far fetched questions. That's why my gut feeling tells me something is wrong here.

Hi Blazey,

roussda Wed, 02/23/2022 - 09:23

Hi Blazey,

For the abstract reasoning, I'm referring to the EU training website.  I fully agree with the level of difficulty which is really high in that section, but you need to practise, practise and practise.  Actually, when I passed the GFIV lastly, I thought I marked the max, 10/10 for the abstract!  It looked like so easy for me, and I finally had 6/10!! So do not underestimate that part, and continue to practise via the website.  BUT, do not worry, it is feasible!!!  Numerical and abstract parts are combined out of 20, and a minimum of 10 is required.  So, ENJOY! Good luck!


blazey Wed, 02/23/2022 - 10:28