EPSO/AD/394/21 AD9 - 1 ANTI-FRAUD EXPERTS (AD 9) - Anti-fraud investigations and operations | EU Training


I have applied for the competition ''EPSO/AD/394/21 AD9 - 1 ANTI-FRAUD EXPERTS (AD 9) - Anti-fraud investigations and operations in the field of EU expenditure and anti-corruption'' - the deadline for applications was on 09/11/2021.

According to he notice of competition, the next step is the ''Selection based on qualifications (Talent Screener)'', and then the ''Assessment centre''. Further, according to the notice of competition, ''The assessment centre will be comprised of computer-based Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) tests, a case study, a competency-based interview and a field-related interview.''

Does anyone have an idea as to when (approximately) the invitations fot the assessment centre will be sent to the selected candidates? (according to the notice of cempetition, ''A maximum of 3 times the number of successful candidates sought for each field and grade will be invited to this phase'').

Many thanks.

Hi Stathis,

Zoe Mon, 11/22/2021 - 22:25

Hi Stathis,

Based on previous competitions and taking into account the pandemic, I would say 6 months after the deadline for submission of applications would be the optimistic scenario.

You can get an idea of how long it takes if you take a look at the ongoing competitions here:


And one example of a competition that has reached the assessment center phase is this one:


Best of luck!


Hi Zoe,

STATHIS Sun, 11/28/2021 - 12:31

Hi Zoe,

Many thaks for your comprehensive and kind reply!

All the best!