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Epso Competitions for DG Comp

Lily.Moreau6775 Thu, 10/15/2020 - 17:43

Hello everyone, 
I hope everyone is safe and well. 
I am very (very) new on the all EPSO process and was wondering if someone could share views. I have been working as a competition legal counsel for 5 years and was wondering the best way to get in DG Comp. I keep checking on the EU Commission job portal but I still do not really know how this works. 
I have not identified any notice of competition for positions in DG Comp (except economists which is not my field of expertise). 
I hear that there are many off the radar job positions and people applying directly to the units with the DG they would like to join, but I dont know whether this really works (if so, whats the purpose of EPSO then if people can directly submit application to the DGs?) and if this works for DG Comp. 
I understand that the priority is to pass Epso competitions, but what if there are no open positions ? Do you still pass the Epso competitions (for CAST?) and wait for positions to open, or the other way around ? 
I know a lot of you are Epso experts so please accept my apologies if I sound uninformed - I really was not looking at joining an EU institution very recently! 
Many thanks for your answers 

Hi, I am in a similar

tsveti.k Sat, 11/07/2020 - 14:06

Hi, I am in a similar position regarding Comp:( I think that they mainly recruit outside Epso. I remember noticing a specialist competition AD 7 (Administrators in the field of Competition) maybe 3 years ago. I didn't have 7y experience back then and didn't apply. I was quite surprised to notice new ad for Chief economist unit, having in mind the above-mentioned Competition (irrelevant as I'm also legal).