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EPSO Assessment Centre Preparation Toolkit

Have you been invited to participate in an EPSO Assessment Centre?

This is probably the most important stage of any competition's selection process - where you have the opportunity to really shine and highlight your personal competencies and capabilities.

However, many candidates have a tendency to perform below their potential at the Assessment Centre due to nerves and the unfamiliar environment where words, actions and body language matter more than what you would initially assume.

Improving competencies takes time and self-practice, that's why we've developed preparation tools and Assessment Centre simulation sessions that:

  • help you become comfortable with each test,
  • put you in contact with EPSO experts so you can learn from their first-hand experiences, and
  • build your self-confidence to greatly increase your chances of success.


Introduction To The EPSO Assessment Centre - FREE WEBINAR! 

If this is your first time at an EPSO Assessment Centre, this free webinar is designed to bring you up to speed on the practical aspects of the EPSO Assessment Centre so you can feel relaxed and informed about what you'll encounter on the day.
View the recording here

Methodology webinars that explore each EPSO Assessment Centre test in detail are also available:


Complete some Case Study simulations and get it evaluated

Before you start training for this test, we greatly recommend that you invest a little time into understanding the exam's methodology. This way you'll know what the EPSO Assessors will be looking for and will be able to apply valuable strategies to complete this task correctly. 

The EPSO Case Study Exam Insights webinar gives a detailed overview of the Case Study component of the EPSO Assessment Centre and explores the exam methodologies to get the highest scores, gives practical advice on how to manage your time, discusses terminology, layout, structure and other crucial tips and offers useful references to valuable preparation resources. Included with the webinar is a sample Case Study with solution example, as well as, a Q&A on the topic by our EPSO experts.

Practice makes perfect, so once you understand the methodology start doing a few practice Case Study simulations before the real thing and put your newly acquired strategies to the test. If you want to further improve and get even better results, send your completed answers off for evaluation. Our EPSO experts will review it, score it and give valuable feedback on where you can improve. 


Participate in an EPSO Assessment Centre Simulation

This is the course you need to take to calm those nerves and gain the confidence to walk into the actual EPSO Assessment Centre feeling fully prepared.

The tests undertaken at an EPSO Assessment Centre are highly practical in nature, this also means it is harder to improve or correct mistakes without feedback from people that are experts in this field and know exactly what EPSO assessors will be looking for. 

Perfect your performance before the real thing and stand out from the crowd by taking part in an Intensive EPSO Assessment Centre Simulation session where the focus is placed heavily on the practical side of the EPSO exams rather than the theory. 

This training session is tweaked to the groups' needs but includes a Competency Based Interview simulation, Group Exercise simulation, Oral Presentation simulation (if requested) and practical discussions about the Field Interview and Motivational Interview (if required).



Do TWO Practice Group Exercises and Get Feedback

It is difficult to practice for the Group Exercise exam virtually or by yourself because this practical task involves a group of participants.

While there are strategies and best practices that you should collect to mentally prepare in advance, it does not compare with the experience gained from doing a few realistic simulations and learning from these practical interactions.

The EPSO Assessment Centre Group Exercise Master Class brings together candidates to practice this exercise under exam conditions similar to what you'll experience at the actual EPSO Assessment Centre.

This session offers the opportunity to participate in TWO Group Exercise simulations and benefit from the advice/feedback given by our EPSO expert, who knows exactly what EPSO assessors will be looking for. 



Test Your Performance in the Competency Based Interview 

There are many factors that can significantly affect your performance in the Competency Based Interview that you may not even think of.

Given the practical nature of this exercise, it is harder to improve or correct mistakes without feedback from people that are experts in this field and know exactly what EPSO assessors will be looking for. 

The EPSO Assessment Centre Competency Based Interview Master Class offers a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with our EPSO expert, be tested on a number of 'likely' interview questions and learn collectively as a group from the feedback given. 



Get some personal coaching from an EPSO expert

If you're looking for some one-on-one, completely tailored to your needs coaching from an EPSO expert, look no further. An Assessment Centre Personal Coaching session is fully customised and tailored specifically to your needs. The focus could be on highlighting improvement opportunities, undertaking Competency Based Interview, Field Interview or Oral Presentation simulations, or discussing Case Study and Group Exercise strategies. The options are limitless, but one thing is for certain, you will enter the Assessment Centre with confidence and preparedness through our AC experts’ guidance.

However you choose to prepare for your upcoming Assessment Centre exams, we wish you the very best of luck!

If you have a question or need additional help in understanding the EPSO processes, please do not hesitate to contact us.