Eligibility check for EPSO: AST/-SC/10/20 (SC1) | EU Training

Hello everyone,

I have just taken the CBT for the EPSO AST/-SC/10/20 (SC1) competition and hopefully am able to make it to the next phase. After that, the third phase is represented by the eligibility check, and I would have a question to those who have previously been part of similar competitions - if I added the university and master's degree to my application, but missed the post-secondary one, would it impact the eligibility assessment? It is obvious that you cannot reach university without post-secondary education, so I didn't add it, but now am thinking that it might be an issue in that phase of the competition.


Hi there, 

limusina3_122080 Sat, 11/07/2020 - 20:15

Hi there, 

the best is to write an email to Epso , and they will confirm you how to proceed.

By the way, how was the CBT level test? was it harder than expected, easier? 

Please let me know, for organization and prioritation questions overall. 


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