ola.rdt_89291 Thu, 06/16/2016 - 17:48


I got invited to AC in translators competition. Under the new procedure I was requested to provide proof of my education and experience stated in my application form.

Since I have worked for some years as a freelance translator, I have included my cooperation with one of the translation agencies I was translating for for about a year. When I entered starting date and finish date, the system computed that this entry accounts for over 12 months of experience. Since the amount of translations I made for them during this time differed from month to month, and it was never my only occupation, I don't think it should be counted as a year of full-time job. I have marked in the description that it was self-employment and cooperation was based on contracts on specified work. However, I did not notice the "your value" option under "computed value" and did not correct the 12 month period, as I assumed it will be further checked with my documents and they will decide for how much time it accounts (I was paid by page, not by the hour). In the application manual there was no mention of adjusting your experience time if the position was not full-time job. In the general rules for open competitions I have found section on freelancers and part-time job, which stated it will be calculated what was the real legnth of given work experience (however it did not state who would make this calculation). 

I have contacted EPSO asking whether I should take any action in order to assure that my work experience is calculated accurately, but they weren't very helpful, I only received information that it is my responsibility to prove that I fulfill the conditions laid down in the notice of competition (btw. there was no experience prerequisite in this competition). Now I am worried that the experience that appears in my online application form is inaccurate  and it could lead to disqualification from the competition, even though it was by no means intentional.

Have any of you had such a problem or maybe you have any clue whom to contact on such matters or at what stage I should try to explain this innacuracy? 

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