CBT - Difficulties to understand my real numerical reasoning level, anyone can relate? | EU Training

Hi all!

I am invited to sit the CAST FGIV EU Policies in November, and I am training on this platform.

My verbal and abstract reasoning results are quite constant (around 50-60%), but my numerical reasoning scores keep changing all the time, and I can't really understand my real level. I am taking one on one math classes because mathematical reasoning has always been my weakness (I did not open a maths book for 10 years now). When I try tests on this platform, I do different extremely results in short periods of time: today I took a test and did 60%, took another one half an hour later and did 10%. I don't get what's going on and why my progress is not constant. I am extremely stressed by this. Anyone can relate? 



stefania.bove_96342 Tue, 11/01/2022 - 08:27


Take your time. First of all try to practise without the stress of the exam in practice mode and try to understand your mistakes well.  You could try on paper using the different books prepared to help you (Orseu and Eutraining).

I also recommend you follow the different webinars (for example, those of Eutraining are excellent and clear).

Finally, when you feel ready, switch to exam mode, first with a mock test and then with a real test in the Epso centre. You will see that it works. 

Good luck!

I agree with stefania. Make

strangequark Tue, 11/01/2022 - 20:37

I agree with stefania. Make sure you really understand the types of questions and how to calculate the solution. The advantage of numerical reasoning is that with enough preparation you can hit 100% pretty consitently (which is much harder (close to impossible in my view) for verbal and abstract reasoning (AD level).