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Hello everyone, has anyone taken the CAST tests for FGIII/FGIV LAW and could give me some idea of the questions for the competency test? Thank you very much in advance.



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GPS Vehicle Trackers India These devices either attach somewhere in the car or connect to the sixteen-pin, OBDII diagnostic port we discussed in our post on car code readers. Car Tracking India In one form or another, all require a monthly subscription to support the cellular network data that beams vital statistics to your smartphone, tablet, or computer so you have real-time data on where your car is being driven and how. Some feature maintenance reminders and engine trouble code readers, as well, expanding their use. GPS Car Trackers The point of these really isn’t to spy on your teenaged driver, but to help train them to be the best operators they can. Valuable insight can be gained from how they drove on a certain stretch of road that will make them into more aware, better prepared drivers, which will help them avoid accidents in the future. Car tracker in Gorakhpur For fleet maintenance, this kind of logistics detail can mean big savings in terms of route planning, vehicle upkeep, and overall strategy. They can also be helpful in the event of a crash as proof of speed, amongst other things.